Operational Innovation


At Unique Excellence we focus on your ambitions and strategic goals. We assist our clients to deliver their operational and supply chain management targets through delivering qualitative, sustainable Operational Innovative solutions.

Many C-level executives have traditionally introduce "short-term" transformation and/ or innovation programs to initiate Operational Excellence. However, in our current business climate, it's imperative to introduce an innovation or transformation model that continuously evolves.


We focus taking a profitability-approach to create high-impact financial impact while transitioning organisations from business-as-usual towards Operational Innovation management. We implement innovation faster and more effective, and have become experts in introducing iterative innovation, creating Innovation Excellence with continuous adaption to evolving business goals....


By close collaboration across a full range of key operations executives, business owners and stakeholders within the Food & Beverage, FMCG, Construction, Pharma, Chemical and Oil & Gas industry, Unique Excellence has been able to accelerating business growth, reducing operational costs and delivering innovation excellence...

Supply Chain Innovation


Our core service, Supply Chain Innovation is focused on delivering an end-to-end value chain through the optimal combination of Sales & Operational Planning, Transport, Logistics, Distribution and Warehousing and introducing BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence/ Robotics through-out your operations and across your partners. 


All these type of Operational Innovative solutions are aimed to increase supply chain collaboration and remove non-value added processes out of your operational practices. Through removing these inefficiencies, Unique Excellence has been able to create solid cross-organisational operational platforms to support domestic and international growth initiatives across EMEA, NA, Asia-Pacific (incl. extensive experience in China).


Effective translating operational goals from all our manufacturing, logistics and distribution partners into actual innovative solutions, supported by measurable and sustainable results, have been key to delivering high-impact targeted results.

Unique Excellence is known in the industry to deliver REAL Supply Chain Innovation Where it Matters! Our results have been successful, where others have failed due to our close working relationships with leading supply chain executives, operational leaders and technology providers. We are natural change agents able to restructure operational departments, increase cross-organisational collaboration, reduce non-value-added processes, costs, increase productivity and extend your organisation across international borders to increase growth and further competitiveness.

Finance & Accounting Innovation


Today’s CFO's need to act quickly and decisively to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their finance functions. They need to ensure full alignment of the finance function with the wider business goals, to provide their business partners with tailored, flexible, real-time and accurate financial information, while maintaining cost efficient,  minimising financial and operational risk and complying with IFRS regulations.


Many finance organisations have inefficient, manually intensive processes, disparate systems and multiple data sources that are not integrated. Unique Excellence has worked on all levels of Finance & Accounting and collaborated with diverse CFO's and/ or Finance Leadership Teams to address these challenges and implemented finance innovations to create value-driven finance organisations with or without Shared Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Robotic Process Automation and ultimately Global Business Services.


We take a hand-on approach through partnering with leading, fit-for-purpose technology solutions to deliver proven best practices and delivering "real-time" accounting. Over the years, Unique Excellence has implemented innovative finance solutions that has transformed finance organisation into true commercial business partner models to deliver the required business value in meeting overall organisational goals.

Technology Innovation


Agile-based Operational Innovative solution development is a well-known methodology in the technology environment. However, introducing the right technology has been a challenge in many organisations. Every organisation knows that they should have an effective, business-focused technology to meet their business goals. However, many technology implementation are often mis-aligned to the operational, finance or supply chain goals.


Unique Excellence has been working with leading CIO's and Business Unit Directors to ensure fit-for-purpose technologies are introduced. Having implemented over 50 technology and business transformation programs and projects across:

  • Supply BlockChain Solutions to deliver end-to-end track & traceability from Farm-to-Plate

  • High-value Robotics Process Automation (RPA) with Artificial Intelligence solutions across Supply Chain, Operational and other back-office functions

  • End-to-end global SAP transformation program

  • Cloud solution effectiveness and integrations


Over the years, Unique Excellence has introduced solid, fit-for-purpose innovative operational and technology solutions that seamless meet business and technology leadership requirements. We have created  sustainable investments for our clients, which have created the foundation for extending the organisational goals. 


Operational Innovation & Global Business Services 


Operational Innovation requires organisations to further transition from Shared Services (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Global Business Services (GBS) towards the next generation of Global Services.

At Unique Excellence we have introduced Operational Innovative solutions that allowed these transactional centres to transition towards strategic centres and create:

  • further cost reductions and global process efficiencies in back-office environments, e.g. IT, Finance, HR, Procurement,

  • Centres of Excellence, e.g. Tax, Treasury, Sourcing, etc.

  • Allowed further assessment to determine effective in-house vs. outsourced business models to drive better focus on key business areas


The transition from SSC & BPO towards GBS has shown a clear movement in creating coordination across the various "back-office services" for the next trench of incremental value. A large number of organisations have set-up these "centres", but haven't achieved the expected value.


Unique Excellence has led this journey in many global multinationals and is seen as a thought-leader to use Operational Innovative solutions to deliver further value. 

By introducing effective continuous improvement initiatives within this cross-functional, cross-country organisational model, it has allowed organisations to introduce global business ownership that incrementally introduces the right change to further transform your SSC organisation or your BPO engagement toward a better GBS. Unique Excellence has proven to continuously drive better innovative solutions that not only meet global, but also local business goals through the design, execution and deployment of Blended Operational Models.

Employee Engagement and Performance Culture


By working across multiple different country and business cultures, Unique Excellence fully appreciates how leadership, engagement and culture can enable or restrict business change. 


Through working extensively with "people" professionals, we have been able to understand leadership challenges and cultural differences. We know that it's imperative to implement change that supports these challenges and cultural customs. By working with local managers and leaders, Unique Excellence has been able to introduce effective methods that support different country and business cultures.


By active mentoring and guidance, we have introduced the innovative mindset in a number of operational and supply chain leaders, which have been able to drive trust in their organisation and deliver "small" innovative incremental changes that drive innovative excellence, support employee engagement and introduce a performance culture. 


Through working through the Agile Innovation Delivery method and a combination of internal and external specialists (e.g. Gallup), senior leadership was able to drive a higher employee engagement and performance improvements.

Innovation and New Product Development


Business innovation and new product development is an integral part of a business growth strategy and involves the creation of innovative business practices, products and services to achieve competitive market advantages and better address customer needs. 


Unique Excellence knows that innovation and new product development is a challenging, complex undertaking that involves critical interdependent activities and considerations, including, but not limited to: marketing, research, development, risk assessment, cost analyses, quality, regulatory compliance, launch preparation, commercialisation, cross-functional collaboration, portfolio management and resource allocation.


To ensure that these functions can deliver innovative products, services, you require to have an innovative operational support function. Only when innovational behaviours flow through the end-to-end organisation, these customer-facing departments will be able to deliver the innovative products and services that drive organisational impact. 


Unique Excellence has successfully introduced an "innovation mentality"  across many organisations to continuously evolve...

Customer Service Innovation


Delivering the optimal customer experience to your customers and/ or consumers is critical to the success of your business. No matter the size of your business, excellent customer service (incl. after-sales-service) needs be at the heart of your business model if you wish to be successful.


It is important to focus on "what your customers want". By introducing innovative customer-centricity innovation to potential, new and existing customers, your organisation is able to realise higher profitability. Innovative customer service excellence keep your customers happy and encourage them to purchase from your business again.


The RIGHT focus on innovative customer services can help you:

  • increase customer loyalty

  • increase the amount of money each customer spends with your business 

  • increase how often a customer buys from you 

  • generate positive word-of-mouth and reputation

  • decrease barriers to buying 


Unique Excellence will support you in the innovative journey to focus on introducing or emphasising customer service excellence through: 

  • treating your customers respectfully

  • following up on feedback

  • handling complaints and returns gracefully and effectively

  • understanding your customers' needs and wants

  • exceeding customer expectations 

  • going out of your way to help your customers


Through focusing on what your customers want and addressing end-to-end service, Unique Excellence has been successful in delivering a service mentality across the organisation. This service mentality will translate in customer service excellence. 

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Unique Excellence has extensive hands-on expertise to introduce feasible Operational Innovative Solutions through a well-defined Educate - Validate - Innovate model that delivers continuous short-cycle, high-impact results... 

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