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Unique Excellence is a boutique consultancy that specialises in Supply Chain and Operational Innovation. Since 2015, we have been dedicated to working in close Collaboration with our clients to introduce practical and effective solutions that are tailored to our clients' needs. Our team draws on extensive knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience in business operations and end-to-end supply chains to offer innovative, fit-for-purpose, and resilient solutions that are cost-effective and Sustainable

Our ability to identify and resolve operational bottlenecks and supply chain obstacles has earned us industry-wide recognition. Through a well-defined strategy for improving operations, supply chain management, and ESG practices, our team of experienced professionals has enabled our clients to Realise their growth potential. We are committed to creating meaningful partnerships and delivering measurable outcomes, with a focus on making a positive impact. Our clients trust us to help them achieve their goals in areas such as operations, finance, ethics, and sustainability


Micha Veen - Founder & MD of Unique Excellen

Micha Veen
Founder & Managing Director

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Expert in guiding clients in introducing sustainable and ethical practices (ESG), through fit-for-purpose, pragmatic operational and supply chain innovations to unlock value chain efficiencies, and where relevant, business growth

Jerry Bulauan - New.jpg

Jerry Bulauan
Senior SCM Sustainability Manager & Data Scientist 

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Hands-on Supply Chain Specialist in using highly advanced data management solutions to assist our clients to measure the impact of their sustainable operational and supply chain innovations to deliver measurable value chain and ESG innovations

UE Sustainability, Supply Chain and Operations Support Team

UE Support Team
 SCM Specialists, ESG & Data Scientist

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Unique Excellence has an extensive and diverse team of Sustainable Supply Chain and Operational Analysts that have hands-on, data-centric experience in ESG, operational supply chain and technology improvements ensuring every solution is sustainable and effectively deployed


Unique Excellence Delivery Framework - Our ways of Working
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