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Combining Hands-on with Consulting Experience

Interim Management to deliver less consulting, and more action

Maintaining momentum is critical when Operational and/ or Supply Chain leadership transitions take place as a result of new challenges, opportunities or executive turnover.


It's important, in today's volatile business landscape that the performance of the business and the interests of boards, customers, employees and other stakeholders must all be managed effectively.

For more than a decade, we are doing real, core management tasks; supervising employees, managing resources, and leading innovative initiatives to achieve desired outcomes for the business.


As we have sat on both sides of the table — as C-level executives ourselves, and in supporting our clients as advisors — we are uniquely equipped to fill the full array of C-suite and functional leadership roles.

Paper Waste

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Ensuring alignment across all the operational functions in the organisation is crucial to increase the effectiveness of the business in meeting its strategic objectives

Unique Excellence's cross-functional specialists are able to support any leadership changes, while ensuring the business is not slowing down in meeting its operational and financial goals

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