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Supply Chain Delivery Model

Introducing a truly connected Supply Chain between your business and your partners

"Revolutionize your supply chain with our pragmatic and innovative solutions, driving sustainable growth for your business"

SCM Track & Trace
Cold Chain Management
Hyperautomation in Supply Chains
Agile Supply Chain Networks
Big Data in Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Innovation Culture
Supply Chain Resilience
Connected Supply Chains
Purpose-Driven Supply Chain
OpenEdge in Supply Chain
Supply Chain Security

We use our proven SCOR-ESG Model, with the foundation in our Collaborative Approach, to provide actionable, high-quality, cost-effective and prompt Supply Chain Innovation solutions that pro-actively informs and guide our client's business decisions, resulting in reliable, transparent and smarter supply chains to support emerging behaviours, markets and technologies

UE - SCOR-ESG Model to deliver aspirational supply chains

Meaningful and Actionable Data

Our data analytics team assists end-to-end operational and supply chain teams to make smart, decision-driven data insights by translating their internal and external unstructured data into meaningful, actionable and structured information. We believe that businesses thrive, lives are improved, and the world is a better place when businesses understand and use the data around them.

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Why is it relevant for our Clients

We introduce fit-for-purpose innovative supply chain innovations, supported by sustainable and ethical practices, by:

  • Using a well-known industry-framework, being the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, enhanced with our own ESG extension, to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the current Supply Chain

  • Introducing a collaboration model that spawns creative ideas, and a process foundation that skilfully manages the Value Chain that turns these ideas into outcome

  • Taking an Agile Project approach to deliver your supply chain innovations in-line with your expected timelines, resources and outcomes

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