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Our Unique Excellence team has decades of experience across all levels of the organisation, from boardroom to floor, we have guided more than 50+ organisations through critical and complex project initiatives. By collaborating closely with our clients, we realised fit-for-purpose Operational and Supply Chain Innovation solutions that has accelerated their strategic and sustainability goals, unlocking their business potential, sustainable practices, and enhance performance and increase valuation

Our commitment is to leave our client operations and supply chain functions in a truly better place. More innovative, financially healthy, more sustainable, and well-equipped for creating a "Better Future"

End-to-end Supply Chain Traceability from Paddock to Plate



Strengthening Papua New Guinea's Medical Supply Chain (NDoH)

The Project: Worked in collaboration with PNG's National Department of Health (NDoH), The Global Fund, World Vision, and our strategic partner(s) to strengthen the overall Medical Supply Chain Management Model. Our dedicated team took a pragmatic, fit-for-purpose approach and identified seven (7) supply chain solutions that enabled the NDoH to establish a cost-effective, streamlined and resilient medical supply chain supporting the delivery of critical and non-critical medical products across 2,200+ health facilities across PNG.

Our Impact

  • Used Unique Excellence's Delivery Framework to introduce a solid Foundation to establish and embed an efficient, resilient, scalable Medical Supply Chain Management Model which enabled:

    • Supplier Relationship Management with a robust supplier diversification model​

    • Low-tech supply chain and warehouse management solutions that complement existing operational processes - and the current Logistics Management Information System - , without requiring additional workloads or tasks

    • Simplification, streamlining and selectiveness of SCM solution innovations that delivers expected annual savings of AUD 30Mln+

    • An organizational model that is completely aligned with the use of KPIs, performance metrics, and other measures to consistently evaluate advancement towards a a leading medical supply chain management model

  • ​Developed a tailored Learning & Development model (70-20-10 L&D Framework) focussed on experiential learning and providing a framework for designing supply chain operational training programs that incorporate on-the-job experiences and social learning

ESG to Financials
End-to-end GHG Analysis across Scope 1-2-3

Repurposing ESG into Operational and Financial Savings

The Project: Conducted an end-to-end Carbon Footprint scenario analysis across a leading UK safety equipment and tool business, enabling both business to fully understand their Carbon Footprint - Scope 1-2-3 - while enabling them to conduct scenario analysis that provided opportunities:

  • to reduce their carbon footprint

  • to assess their financial cost and revenue model across the different scenarios

  • use the ESG data - e.g. Bill of Material information - to understand their raw material usage/ costs across their total product portfolio

Working in close partnership with these two clients we were able to not only reduce their Carbon Footprint, enable them to tackle Modern Slavery Risks across their supply chain, but also repurpose their data to identify procurement, travel & expense, operational, warehouse, distribution and logistics savings (financial).

This project also enabled a transition towards product refurbishment that further reduced their carbon footprint, modern slavery risks and their operational complexity and costs.

Our Impact

  • Used Unique Excellence's comprehensive ESG solution to identify and capture the Carbon Footprint impact across Scope 1,2 and 3, the Modern Slavery risks across their multi-tier supply chain partners, and present operational savings

  • Repurpose the ESG data to identify cost savings to understand:

    • Raw material (costs) across their product portfolio, enabling procurement to assess current cost profile​

    • Travel & Expense costs, supporting a tailored and effective T&E policy that enables further cost (and Carbon Footprint) reductions

    • Opportunities for refurbishment, reduction of packaging material or re-assessing the Bill of Material components to replace hazardous materials for environmental/ cost-effective materials

    • and many more

Scale-up Buiness
Innovative supply chain solutions to grow a RAT kits business across Australia

Operational and Supply Chain Resilience in high-growth SME

The Project: Introduced an effective, pragmatic innovative supply chain model, supported by fit-for-purpose technologies, to support a high-growth global medical device/ PPE business to deliver COVID-19 Rapid Allergen Test (RAT) Kits to the Australian State Government and Corporate customers 


Working in close partnership with our client to introduce fit-for-purpose supply chain solutions to meet the unprecedented demand from Australian State Governments (transport, education and health) and Corporates to deliver millions of RAT kits within a very short turn-around-time to meet their "PPE" and WHS requirements

Our Impact

  • Delivered an effective multi-modal transport and logistics model that allowed a continuous stream of RAT kits from China into Australia

  • Introduced innovative technology/ dashboard reporting model to enable full end-to-end supply chain traceability (supported by IoT data loggers) to provide real-time and forward-looking supply chain insights, supporting their operational and supply chain requirements

  • Defined and implemented an ISO-compliant operational, quality management, supply chain and technology model to support their exponential month-on-month growth of 400% (total 2,500% in the first three months)

  • Developed industry-leading operational practices (incl. an outsourced 3PL and shared services model) to meet regulatory, legislative and operational business requirements to further scale the business

Traceability & Transparency
Guiding Aglive's blockchain technology teams towards optimal user adoption

Supply Chain Transparency, Traceability & Visibility

The Project: Collaborated with leading blockchain technology provider (Aglive) to introduce full end-to-end supply chain traceability, transparency and visibility across its customers (Angus Australia, CanGroup, Macka's, etc), partners (GS1, NLIS) and other technology providers (Allflex, Ceres Tag, etc.), supporting the foundation for further ESG initiatives


Working in close partnership with Aglive we have been able to guide the technology team to establish an effective cross-organisational supply chain collaboration model with Aglive's partners and customers to integrate/ capture the required data to deliver end-to-end supply chain transparency, traceability and visibility from "Farm to Trash" across the Agricultural Sector, Medicinal Cannabis and Horticulture, supporting  a scalable commercial solution to battle food fraud, food waste, eliminate modern slavery, and introduce other ESG components across the full Medical, Health and Food supply chain environment 

Our Impact

  • Delivered a fit-for-purpose, non-intrusive technology platform solution which can be easily adopted across the diverse supply chain participants

  • Provide clear operational and supply chain requirements, supporting the effective development of the industry solution(s)

  • Introduced an effective and fit-for-purpose data capturing and data governance model that met the latest global data privacy requirements

  • Led numerous successful industry grant applications, incl. Meat & Livestock Australia, MedCan, etc. to increase the adoption of the Aglive solution across the Medical, Health and Food supply chain, while meeting the latest regulatory and technology standards

Modern Slavery
Modern Slavery Risk Assessments for Australian Multinationals

Modern Slavery Risk Assessment with extension into ESG

The Project: Conducting comprehensive Modern Slavery Risk Assessments (and action management for numerous Global Multinationals (HQ in Australia) with a total of 150,000+ suppliers across more than 30 countries 


The engagement, in partnership with Active Directions (and global accounting firm(s)), was focussed on ensuring compliance with Modern Slavery obligations in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act, with SMART action management initiatives, to reduce the organisations' potential exposure to Modern Slavery Risks  

Our Impact

  • Delivered a fit-for-purpose risk model to manage, monitor and pro-actively act on Modern Slavery Risks

  • Documented review, with recommendations, on relevant internal policies and procedures documentation, with Board sign-off

  • Introduced pragmatic supplier management processes (onboarding, performance management, etc.) and supporting templates to minimise potential modern slavery practices across their multi-tier supply chain

  • Provided Modern Slavery training, guidance and support for internal and external staff members

  • Facilitated introductions to NGO's to enable social audits, software solutions and Human Rights review models to further extend the ESG Model 

Introducing Operational Innovations through Merger Assessments across the SME landscape

SME merger feasibility studies to support ambitious growth and expansion goals

The Project: Conducting multiple M&A feasibility reviews across numerous Small & Medium-sized Enterprises to assess the potential synergies, the enterprise multiplier/ shareholder value, and other benefits  

Our Impact

  • Agreed with management the relative strengths and constraints of each of the business and identified where the various SME business combinations would benefit from a merger

  • Built individual forecast merger model - and stand-alone financial forecasts, quantified the revenue and cost synergies, to

  • Show the uplift that may be realised from combining the potential merger candidates across their operations, supply chain and other back-office functions

  • Provided the impact on overall shareholder value, and facilitated the board decision-making process, leading to consensus and a roadmap forward for the M&A execution

Victor Churchill, the innovative butcher shop in Sydney

Business Turnaround through Operational Innovation

The Project: Introduction of Operational Innovation initiatives across an Award-winning Meats business to return the business to full profitability

Engaged as an interim COO, managing 2 manufacturing locations, finance, supply chain, procurement, human resources and technology, to conducted a full end-to-end Customer and Product Profitability assessment, creating clear focus on operational innovative solutions that were able to turnaround its loss-making business operations

Our Impact

  • Significant reduction of operational complexity and inefficiency drivers across the customer and product value chain, from reducing high product variations to introducing realistic pricing models across the key customer-base, with an annual EBIT impact of AUD 10 - 12Mln

  • 25+ complexity reduction initiatives developed and quantified

  • Led the People & Culture team in their journey to increase employee engagement - operational strategy involvement - and overall staff performance - increase focus on outputs vs. activities 

  • Operational Innovation solutions and implementation plans for each main initiative to realise the bottom-line savings

  • Introduced an ESG model which allowed full end-to-end supply chain transparency from "Paddock to Plate" 

People & Culture
Delivering Supply Chain and Operational Innovation at Downer & Spotless

Integrated Source-to-Settle Solution for increased compliance, synergies and cost reductions

The Project: Introduction of an integrated Source-to-Settle solution across 4 independent Business Division on the leading ANZ provider of integrated services

Collaborated across Sourcing, Procurement, Purchasing and Finance to introduce a single, integrated Source-to-Settle solution as a fully embedded business solution across 4 independent divisions, to drive increased compliance, operational synergies and annual cost savings in excess of AUD 7Mln

Our Impact

  • Worked closely with the multiple stakeholders to agree a single process and operational model, further repurposing their sourcing and procurement staff, while redirecting 10 FTE's across their Shared Services Organisation to deliver value-add services

  • Assessed and introduced a fit-for-purpose "guided buying solution" to further increase cross-organisational adoption and process effectiveness

  • Extended the Source-to-Settle and Supply Chain Integration projects into newly acquired businesses to deliver further operational and cost synergies

Fit-for-purpose supply chain innovations to ensure optimal ASX set-up for Inghams

Supply Chain Rationalisation

The Project: Reducing the operational complexity across Australia and New Zealand's largest integrated poultry producer's National Supply Chain Network with 250+ different logistics providers

Working extensively with 250+ logistics partners, we were able to reduce their Supply Chain Network to 4 lead logistics partners, heavily reducing complexity, while increasing delivery effectiveness across its national customer network

Our Impact

  • Initiated a deep-dive review across all the various logistics partners, routes (existing and potential) and delivery metrics to assess optimal Supply Chain Network

  • Transitioned from management of 250+ logistics partners to 4 main supply chain partners, heavily reducing complexity and costs (Annual cost savings of more than AUD1Mln) 

  • Introduced extended synergies through cold-chain warehouses, reduced logistics movements (ESG initiative) and the provision of complementary value-add services to further increase the financial and operational profit margin 

SCM Rationalisation

Value Chain Effectiveness for ASX IPO Readiness

The Project: Identified and implemented numerous supply chain and operational innovation solution to support Australia and New Zealand's largest integrated poultry producer for their ASX IPO Readiness

Identify and implement high-impact financial solutions across the organisation's operations and supply chain to unlock substantial value

Our Impact

  • Assessed and introduced Warehouse (DC) robotics and automated palletising solution to support a 24-7 "pick & pack" process model, reducing WHS incidents (incl. fatigue management, etc.) while enhancing warehouse & distribution effectiveness across the production environment

  • Deep-dive feed silo automation assessment across the ANZ Feed Mills to increase feed accuracy and reduce bird mortality rates

  • Introduced Vendor Managed Inventory Model with a key customer to:

    • Deliver ESG goals around product, packaging and other wastage,

    • Reduce overall end-to-end logistics and distribution costs, and 

    • Maintain the lowest possible inventory level across the entire supply chain

Delivering an end-to-end executable S&OP solution across Australia and SE Asia for Blackmores

Sales & Operational Execution Model across Asia-Pacific

The Project: Delivered an innovative Sales & Operational Execution (S&OE) Model for Australia's most trusted brand for vitamin, mineral & nutritional supplements


Created and deployed a Asia-Pacific-wide S&OE model (transitioning beyond S&OP) on product/ customer-level, with a 2-month rolling forecast, to increase demand-planning accuracy by 30%, increase production and sales by 20% and reduce monthly distribution costs by 40%

Our Impact

  • Initiated and implemented operational simplification processes, increased procurement efficiencies, reducing inventory levels, the number of packaging variations, reviewed NPD processes, and delivered warehouse automation to increase production effectiveness, exceeding revenue targets by over 200%

  • Creation of a "FDA/ TGA" product decision-model across Asia-Pacific to enable cross-country product distribution 

  • Used the bi-weekly S&OE operating model to conduct a multi-million Asia-Pacific feasibility study to establish an Asian-located VDS packing production facility with best-in-class, sustainable and ethical production practices, Quality Assurance, ISO and international OHS/ WHS standard to increase supply certainty to the SE-Asian consumers

Transforming T&L's commodity business into a speciality food business to meet consumer demands

Re-purpose Global Sugar Business into Leading Global Ingredient Solution Provider 

The Project: Led the numerous Operational Excellence programs to transform this global provider of ingredients and solutions for the food, beverage and industrial markets, operating for over 160 years, from a commodity-driven business to a high-end specialty food organisation and meet challenging revenue, profitability, growth and operational cost-saving targets

Our Impact

  • Managed an annual budget of GBP 20Mln across Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain, IT/ Technology, Corporate Comms and Human Resources with a ROI of 150%

  • We introduced and delivered some of the most innovative Sales & Operating Planning solution through a SAP APO/ TMS solution, delivering global supply chain cost reductions of more than £ 3Mln

  • Introduced a pragmatic enterprise-wide product-life-cycle management replenishment planning solution for raw material to finished goods tracking with inventory and material management cost effectiveness targets and alignment to customer and product segmentation model to meet annual 25% increase in profitability targets

  • Defined end-to-end product traceability process (early supply chain track & trace initiatives for product recalls, etc.), combining procurement, finance, supply chain, manufacturing and sales processes to capture:

    • Water management calculations - with cost, efficiency/ reduction, metrics and targets for Corporate Social Reporting ​

    • Energy effectiveness - with detailed energy cost calculations, defining negative electric calculations (own energy generation solutions - solar, wind, water), the "carbon foot-print" impact was measured

    • Raw material effectiveness to increasing usage yields, reduce waste 

  • Introduced customer and segmentation model, aligned to sales bonus structures, to drive customer and product profitability targets

  • Closely worked with Human Resources and Operational Leadership to transform employee engagement targets to deliver breakthrough innovations across the global enterprise

Water & Carbon Foot Print

Leading a Global SAP Business Transformation 

Finance Innovation
Transforming SABMiller through SAP, Global Business Services and fit-for-purpose innovative process

The Project: Successfully led a team of 25+ globally disbursed business and IT/ SAP solution resources across the world's second-largest brewer, to deliver an agile-based multi-module, multi-country finance transformation program (GBP 0.5Bln) across Group, corporate and various manufacturing businesses, creating a solid foundation for future Merger & Acquisitions activities, capitalisation, diversification and further organic growth targets

Our Impact

  • Led the corporate design decisions for this global SAP program, focussed on Finance, Operations and Supply Chain

  • Ensured full financial alignment between Group Finance and Group Treasury across 12 countries, ensuring that the two independent technology solutions were fully integrated supporting transactions in excess of USD 1bln in FX exposure 

  • Introduced new operational innovation concepts, incl. Robotics Process Automation, Global Business Services (combination between Shared Services and Outsourcing), to deliver annual cost savings in excess of GBP 5Mln

Creating the Foundation for Unique Excellence

Global Business Services
ATOS-KPMG consulting for the optimal foundation to deliver true value to our clients

As a principal management consultant at Atos KPMG Consulting and senior consultant/ transformation specialist for CSC Consulting, both leading global Business and IT consulting organisation, we introduced innovative solution design and execution to effectively deliver global, multi-year business transformations programs, incl.:

  • Business & Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Effectiveness and Finance Process Optimisation,

  • Global Business Services, Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing,

  • Operational Innovation, continuous improvements and early Agile Innovation and Enterprise Agility programs,

  • Merger & Acquisition - combining effective use of existing and new Business and Technology solutions,

  • Corporate divestitures,

  • Corporate Turn-Around Management, and

  • International or domestic business expansion or venture opportunities within global multinationals across 30+ countries in 6 continents.


We introduced transformational change with our clients:

  • Exceeding business development targets by 200% (annual target of €1M) with Shared Services (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and transformational programs with new and existing strategic partnerships across Fast Moving Consumer Goods (CPG),

  • Global Business Services (GBS), SSC and BPO thought-leader, guiding 15 multinationals (and small multi-location organisations) to find innovative ways to deliver 20-35% cost reductions, while increasing their maturity, within 3 – 6 months, towards a full GBS transition model,

  • Led multi-year, multi-location Agile business transformation programs (incl. global multi-module SAP/ ERP implementations, cloud services, etc.), Agile program management initiatives, business re-prioritisation and turn-around management initiatives between €25K - 10Mln to deliver business growth of 20% and/ or annual operating cash flow increase 20-40%. 


Bringing Sustainable and Innovative Operations and Supply Chains alive
Testimonial from Vic's Premium Quality Meat's true Business Partner

People Business Manager, Vics Premium Quality Meat

"Micha is a great Leader who walks the talk. He partners with employees on projects and encourages all to participate and get involved.


He is very knowledgeable and yet approachable and available to all employees, regardless who they are or what they do.


Micha would be a great benefit to any business to propel them forward by building and executing strategy and goals"

Our Supply Chain Business Partner at Inghams to deliver true Supply Chain efficiencies

Head of Supply Chain, Inghams

"The team, led by Micha, is an engaging and pragmatic supply chain consultancy team. From a strong background in Supply Chain, they intimately understands how to turn concept into reality and does so with an inherit ability to also successfully implement that reality. I recommend Unique Excellence for any consultancy roles in the supply chain where a complex solution is required to be executed".

Our MIS Coordinator at Downer & Spotless to drive real innovation through their existing platforms

MIS Coordinator, Downer

"The UE team is a confident and engaging Operational Innovation consultancy. The provided invaluable experience in shaping the new finance, procurement and supply chain processes within Downer through communicating effectively, working closely with the stakeholders and challenging our status quo"

Working with PMO at Blackmores to deliver continuous  innovative solutions

Program Manager, Blackmores

"The UE team, supported by Micha, have an effortless and swift approach to sizing up the current status of play and identifying areas for improvement (both quick wins and long term strategy). They back up their findings with tailored solutions and a methodical approach to implementing these changes. They work quickly, take complexity out and communicate clearly along the way. They lead by example and are a pleasure to be around"

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