Exceeding your Expectations

At Unique Excellence, we recognise that every business operations and supply chain needs to be as flexible as its customers are unique. And that’s a challenge we readily embrace. So whether you’re a COO trying to deliver sustainable and ethical practices in your organisation, a Supply Chain Manager that is looking for full traceability across it's Supply Chain, or a manufacturer looking to optimise your production capacity, our team has the expertise and knowledge to get you on your way.

Our services continuously evolve to meet industry-leading innovation and ESG practices, but are specifically tailored to the individual needs of our growing clients.


Closely collaborating with our clients, we introduce adoptable operational models. Supporting high-impact business performance, is core to our consulting services. 


We look at existing concepts to provide our clients entirely new ways of executing operational activities - with/ without the use of leading technologies (incl. RPA, IoT, etc.) - creating a solid operational foundation for unprecedented business growth.


We are experts in delivering innovative business solutions across finance & accounting, human resources, procurement, manufacturing, etc.


Using augmented data analytics in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities, and the use of statistical and linguistic technologies, we are able to improve data management performance. From data analysis to data sharing to value-add business intelligence supporting pragmatic, tailored innovative solution development


We provide the ability to transform big data into smaller, more usable, datasets for well-informed decision-making to achieve high-impact business growth


Unique Excellence, where Business Operations and Supply Chain meets Innovation.


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We assist our clients in fit-for-purpose innovative supply chain solutions which deliver increased resilience, while introducing sustainable and ethical practices

Our service delivers reliable, transparent and smarter supply chains, supporting better business outcomes


Often our clients know exactly where they like to "end up", but are unclear of the journey and interim steps to achieve their goals. Or haven't been able to find/ select the appropriate resource to support them in this journey.

This is where we come in as a temporary resource to:

  • support the highly pressured operational day-to-day environment, while kicking of our client's innovation journey,

  • providing measurable & sustainable solutions to start meeting the ever evolving ESG guidelines and targets,

  • take an executive leadership position to 'gain control' of existing challenges while achieving innovative operational outcomes


We aim to make direct short/ medium-term impact in our client's business, with the relevant hand-over processes to allow our client's to be fully self-sufficient in a short period of time


In the last 5 years, we have collaborated with over 100 clients to deliver some of the most innovative operational and supply chain solutions, which are fully tailored to their businesses needs, while ensuring scalability to meet the continuously evolving dynamic business landscape.

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