Our services continuously evolve to meet industry-leading innovation practices, but are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Through working closely with our clients, their partners and customers, we are able to fully understand their challenges and bottlenecks, allowing us to embed the "RIGHT" innovative solutions which meet their organisational needs, while delivering high-impact financial and operational value

SME & Family Businesses

Supply Chain and Operational Innovation Excellence holds the key to business success and long-term survival. Unique Excellence works closely with many small, medium and large family businesses to introduce a well-defined, structured approach, which focuses on:

  • Operational Innovation

    • Increased customer and product profitability,

    • Innovation with direct ROI across the end-to-end Financial Supply Chain and Operations,

    • Re-alignment of value-add vs. non-value operational activities,

    • Reduce silo-operations to increase organisational engagement,

  • Supply Chain Innovation​

    • Working across the supply chain partners to link the physical and digital supply chain from Farm to Fork. We partner with a leading AgTech technology to deliver full end-to-end traceability and visibility from Farm to Fork through the use of the latest Supply Chain Innovations, incl. BlockChain, IoT, AI and many more fit-for-purpose technologies,​

Unique Excellence always ensures that its knowledge is shared with these business, ensuring that we continuously Educate, Validate, Innovate their business, while delivering a collaborative road-maps for future sustainability...

Unique Excellence uses an extensive, (international) network of Supply Chain and Operational Innovation specialists to provide pragmatic, hands-on, cross-functional solutions for some of the most well-known global multinationals. Our focus on value added, incremental, traceable innovation initiatives has allowed us to revitalise our corporate clients towards introducing Operational Innovation Excellence as part of their business model.

Some of the benefits for our clients:

  • A sustainable Supply Chain and Operational Innovation foundation model to meet stakeholder and customer expectations, supporting continuously exceeding organisational targets to remain competitive and cost efficient,

  • Using Data Analytics (RPA and AI) to measure the progress of meeting the relevant Supply Chain and/ or Operational Innovation goals and targets,

  • Targeted coaching of teams and stakeholders. Addressing their individual needs, to reinforce the competencies that are most at risk to achieve Operational Innovation Excellence,

  • Deliver a transparent governance and compliance model, with focus on qualitative innovative delivery.


Unique Excellence has transitioned many national and multinational businesses from stagnation to innovation...

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