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“Innovation is taking two existing independent concepts and combining them in fresh new single solution"


Unique Excellence is the industry leader in fit-for-purpose operational and supply chain innovative solution delivery

We identify the positive and negative impacts across our client's operations and supply chains to substantially improve the business processes, practices and behaviours while influencing its environment, people, communities, governance, and financials 

"Unique Excellence, where Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain meets Innovation"

We guide our clients towards adopting financially sound, ethical and sustainable solutions to achieve their vision, goals and ambitions, creating long-term value

Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but what enables our clients to shape a sustainable future


Unique Excellence' s multi-disciplinary consulting and Supply Chain as a Service (5PL) team partner uses a tailored SCOR-ESG Framework that combines the industry-leading Supply Chain Management Framework with the latest Environment, Social and Governance Model and Metrics (GRI-SASB- WEF).


We ensure our clients improve their operations, supply chains and overall financial performance, while directly affecting People, Planet and Profit (Triple Bottom Line)

Unlocking cost-effective, efficient and sustainable operations and supply chains while positively impacting your profitability is key to our delivery model.


Our team is at the fore-front in delivering fit-for-purpose, resilient, and sustainable value chains


Our breakthrough services:

  • Supply Chain & Operational Innovation - pragmatic, fit-for-purpose and measurable innovations that increase the speed, cost and reliability of your operations and supply chains

  • ESG Advisory - embedding sustainable Environmental, Social and Governance practices across your Operations, Supply Chains and Financials

  • Supply Chain as a Service or 5PL - We accelerate cost-effective, efficient, resilient and sustainable supply chain operations for our clients

Our bold ideas, new perspectives and creative partnerships enables our clients to adopt some of the most innovative solutions across the Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Agriculture and FMCG industry, facilitating substantial financial returns while building business resilience 


Unique Excellence, founded in 2015, is a Sydney-based boutique consultancy and trusted adviser for Small, Medium and Global businesses, with a single purpose:


.Working closely across the value chain to increase our client's Operational, Supply Chain and Financial resilience, while improving people’s lives and preserving our planet (ESG)

We approach each client with unique, fresh eyes to develop pragmatic, fit-for-purpose operational and supply chain solution excellence. To ensure that we continue to meet our client’s requirements, we have extended our service offerings beyond Supply Chain & Operational Innovation and ESG to include Supply Chain as a Service (5PL), allowing our clients to outsource their end-to-end operations and supply chain, while they are able to gain a competitive advantage in their sector and increase the health of their financials
Our Agile-based implementation approach (DSDM), in combination with our SCOR-ESG Framework, allows us to simplify complex and challenging projects. Our team believes that consulting is more than just giving advise, as we closely collaborate with our clients to solve their customer's problems, enabling a true connection across the value chain to meet the dynamic business landscape. By using our data analytics & visualisation service, incl. our (ESG) SCM Control Tower, we are proud to say that our clients have over-achieved their short, medium and long-term goals



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Using innovative solutions to grow your profitability goals and targets

"Our ability to adapt is amazing, however our ability to sustainably innovate isn't quite as spectacular"

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