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Environment, Social & Governance

Our multidisciplinary team of ESG consultants

We live and breath operational innovation, supply chain innovation, environmental, social and ethical practices, which are key to embedding ESG in operational and supply chain practices, ensuring sustainable change.

Unique Excellence has been bringing together skills, experience and knowledge from a variety of industries to allow us to be the global leaders in supply chain, operations, technology, law and policy.

ESG Tech for Supply Chain and Operational Profitability? 

We believe that any ESG initiative should also deliver operational and financial benefits. With years of consulting experience in sustainable operational and supply chain practices, we have digitised our expertise into a powerful tech solution, ESG Custodian.


What is ESG Custodian?

ESG Custodian is a comprehensive SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors with your organisation’s financial performance.


Our tech solution allows you to:

  • Capture data on Modern Slavery, WHS, Workforce Diversity, Carbon Footprint (Scopes 1-3), and Biodiversity (coming soon)

  • Introduce and assess financially sustainable ESG initiatives

  • Prioritise ESG initiatives based on both ESG and financial benefits

  • Ensure compliance with the latest ESG industry frameworks


Why Adopt ESG Custodian?

  1. Repurpose ESG into Operational and Financial Savings: By adopting the Triple Bottom Line model, ESG Custodian measures and delivers every ESG initiative with a focus on innovation, ESG, operational efficiency, and financial sustainability. This approach ensures that your operations and supply chains are not only environmentally and socially responsible but also financially sound.

  2. Achieve Your Sustainability and Financial Aspirations: Our solution empowers you to;

    • Assess if an ESG initiative is financially sustainable

    • Determine which ESG initiatives should be prioritised

    • Take compliant actions in line with the latest industry frameworks

  3. Transform Data into Actionable Insights: ESG Custodian repurposes your ESG data into operational and supply chain insights, enabling you to meet your short, medium, and long-term financial goals. Our comprehensive database and intuitive dashboard provide clear guidance towards achieving your ESG, operational, and financial ambitions.

People-Planet-Profit the Triple Bottom Line Approach to Sustainable business practivces

"Business who adopt Sustainable Supply Chains, don't talk about it, but just do it"

ESGCustodian - Make an Impact to Aspire to

From Advisors to Implementation Partners


We go beyond traditional consulting, as we partner with you to capture existing data and transform it into actionable strategies that drive real-world impact.


Our collaborative approach ensures that you are not only advised but also supported in implementing and achieving your sustainability and profitability goals.


Join the Future of Sustainable Profitability with ESG Custodian


With ESG Custodian, your sustainability initiatives become drivers of operational efficiency and financial success.


Transform your ESG goals into tangible financial benefits and secure a sustainable future for your organisation.

ESG Custodian is now available! 

Our ESG Tech for Supply Chain and Operational Profitability

Thanks for your interest and we contact you to arrange a demo


Slavery Risk



Management & Carbon Foot Print

ESG Custodian, Connecting ESG with Your Financials

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