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Environment, Social & Governance

Our multidisciplinary team of ESG consultants

We live and breath operational innovation, supply chain innovation, environmental, social and ethical practices, which are key to embedding ESG in operational and supply chain practices, ensuring sustainable change.

Unique Excellence brings together skills, experience and knowledge from a variety of industries to allow us to be the global leaders in supply chain, operations, technology, law and policy.

Why is UE your ESG partner? 

We believe that any ESG initiative should also deliver operational and financial benefits. We have worked with numerous clients that have been able to transform their ESG initiative in hard operational and financial savings, enabling them to continuously mature their ESG model.

Repurpose ESG into Operational and Financial Savings

We have adopted the Triple Bottom Line model which assesses an organisation's performance by addressing People, Planet and Profit. We used this framework to ensure every ESG initiative is measured and delivered with an innovation, ESG, operational and financial component, creating financially sustainable operations and supply chains.

Key to this approach is our ability to repurpose the ESG data into Operational and Supply Chain data that enables our clients to deliver their short, medium and long-term financial goals (benefits)

From Advisors to ESG Implementation Partners

We have been collaborating with our clients to capture their existing data/ information and use our comprehensive database (with dashboard) to guide them towards their ESG, Operational and Financial goals and ambitions.

People-Planet-Profit the Triple Bottom Line Approach to Sustainable business practivces

"Business who adopt Sustainable Supply Chains, don't talk about it, but just do it"

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