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Supply Chain as a Service

"We deliver your supply chain resilience, through providing full supply chain transparency, traceability and visibility"

"Our 5PL or Supply Chain as a Service solution ensures the Right Product, gets to the Right Place, in the Right Quantity, with the Right Quality at the Right Costs" 

Unique Excellence is able to take over your end-to-end value chain (operations and supply chain) to create an effective Supply Chain Innovation model - supported by SCOR and a well-defined ESG model - to increase flexibility and resilience in your overall business

Instead of managing your own internal/ external (1PL-2PL-3PL-4PL-5PL-6PL and Beyond) resources, we have a specialised team that "live and breath" supply chain, continuously looking to unlock substantial value for your supply chain participants and your customers.


Our SCOR-ESG Model focuses on collaborating with our customers in delivering all operational supply chain and customer interactions from product origin to the end-consumer. This includes understanding raw materials/ farming, production, warehouse management and supply chain services needed to complete transactions, including environmental, social and governance requirements to further elevate the supply chain processes and behaviours.

UE - SCOR-ESG Model (New).png

Unique Excellence's team has, combined, more than 40 years experience in executing your supply chain operations through their on-shore and off-shore teams, while simultaneously innovate your operational supply chain model

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