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Supply Chain Mapping

We offer a comprehensive Modern Slavery Risk Assessment and are guided by ESG principles

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Risk Assessment to remediate and eliminate risks

"You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say that you didn't know" 

Unique Excellence strongly believes in delivering trusted, transparent and traceable supply chains. Nothing embodies our devotion to delivering more value than simply combating Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

This is is why we have become experts in conducting comprehensive Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking assessments, which is followed by a rigorous execution model to eliminate/ remediate MS&HT across your supply chains. We take the following actions:

Supply Chain Visibility through Supply Chain mapping to origin

Supply Chain Visibility

We conduct full supply chain mapping and analysis exercise to identify potential Modern Slavery & Human Rights Risks across our client's operations, supply chain and investments

Policies & Procedures to guide your organisation towards optimal people care

Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

We conducts a full review and provided suggested changes to existing operational policies, procedures & guidelines, to ensure that potential future Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking risks can be eliminated or remediated

Modern Slavery Training & Awareness in- and outside your business

Training & Awareness

Creating awareness, training and engagement across all stakeholders is critical to eliminate Modern Slavery & Human Rights across the supply chain

Extending across the multi-level suppliers, ensuring they are actively addressing Modern Slavery & Human Rights Risks across tier 2 and 3 suppliers to further deliver a sustainable and ethical Supply Chain 

Modern Slavery Risk Assessments to eliminate people risks

Modern Slavery Risk Assessment

We introduce our comprehensive Modern Slavery & Human Rights Risk Assessment Model to conduct a further deep-dive across the individual suppliers to assess their risk based on global best-practice index data

SCM Assessment & Investment to deliver continuous value to meet your ESG requirements

Assessment & Financials

We tailored our supply chain assessment and responsible financial questionnaires to our specific client's needs, ensuring that we are not only identifying, but also provide guidance around remediating and eliminating poor ESG practices.  

Modern Slavery in Australia is a hidden problem

Elimination & Remediation

To ensure ongoing Modern Slavery & Human Rights compliance, we are able to introduce our ESG Control Tower, which is able to embed these "best/ good practices" into existing WHS/ OHS incident reporting, worker grievance systems and other client solutions

Unique Excellence is further providing guidance across the Value chain to introduce a more comprehensive ESG Model

Unique Excellence has been closely working with its clients to identify, remediate and eliminate Modern Slavery & Human Rights in our client's (Global) Supply Chains  - Our Impact


Our philosophy prioritises socially acceptable, ethical, and, of course, environmentally friendly supply chain activities. We are not just committed to making your supply chain more efficient, but also more environmentally sound. By identifying potential Modern Slavery & Human Rights practices across your supply chain, your organisation might attract reputational damage


If you want to make the right changes the right way, contact us today for our ESG Consulting

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