Our clients range from well-known family, small & medium enterprises to national/ global multinationals that are looking to introduce fit-for-purpose Operational and Supply Chain Innovation solutions to accelerate their strategic goals. 

Our team, with a combined experience of more than 60 years, has a combination of on-site operational/ supply chain and consulting experience, enabling the introducing of fit-for-purpose solutions to deliver high-impact results. Through delivering innovative solutions across supply chain, warehouse & distribution, manufacturing, finance & accounting, human resources and leading ERP and cloud technologies, we enable operations and supply chain to meet innovation!

Cattle in Pasture


Aglive Supply Chain Transparency, Traceability & Visibility
  • Working in close partnership with Aglive to deliver end-to-end supply chain transparency, traceability and visibility from "Farm to Trash" across the Agricultural Sector, Medicinal Cannabis and Horticulture between Australia, South East Asia, EMEA, North and South America

  • As an Agile Business Visionary we have been able to guide the technology team to establish an effective cross-organisational collaboration model with various industry-leading supply chain, logistics and distribution organisations to deliver a scalable commercial solution to battle food fraud, modern slavery, and other ESG components across the full supply chain environment 

Vic's Premium Quality Meat/ Victor Churchill
  • Conducted a full end-to-end Customer and Product Profitability review and introduced a revenue-based allocation model, reducing non-profitable customers and products, increasing the effectiveness of the end-to-end operational business

  • COO (part-time) to initiate VPQM's strategic 5-year goals across their end-to-end operations, including; 2 manufacturing locations, finance, supply chain, procurement, human resources and technology

  • Introduced various Operational Innovative business solutions, delivering cost efficiencies in their operating costs (reduction of 10% within the first three months)

  • Introduced the early stages of an integrated Source-to-Settle solution (incl. Strategic/ Tactical Procurement, Information Management (Data Management Model) and Supply Chain Innovations) as a fully embedded business solution across 4 independent divisions, to drive increased compliance, while continuously reducing operational costs, delivering expected annual savings of AU$ 7Mln

  • Leading Spotless Procurement and Supply Chain Integration projects to further create operational synergies across the Downer organisation

  • Working extensively with Ingham’s 250+ logistics partners, we were able to develop and increase supply chain effectiveness while meeting DIFOT targets across Ingham's national customer network 

  • Initiated various Supply Chain Innovation initiatives, incl. DC robotics, Feed Silo Automation, Automated Palletising Solution and Vendor Managed Inventory to drive cost effectiveness and increased value chain innovation as part of the ASX IPO readiness…

  • We delivered an innovative Sales & Operational Planning operating model on product/ customer-level with a 2-month rolling forecast to increase demand-planning accuracy by 30%, increase production and sales by 20% and reduce monthly distribution costs by 40%

  • Initiated and implemented operational simplification processes, increased procurement efficiencies, reducing inventory levels, the number of packaging variations, reviewed NPD processes, and delivered warehouse automation to increase production effectiveness, exceeding revenue targets by over 200%

  • Leading a multi-million Asia-Pacific feasibility study to establish an Asian-located VDS packing production facility with best-in-class Quality Assurance, ISO and international OHS/ WHS standard to increase supply and stock certainty to our Asian customers

  • Led the numerous Operational Excellence programs across Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain and HR (total annual budget of £20Mln+) to transform T&L from a commodity-driven business to a high-end specialty food organisation and meet very challenging revenue, profitability, growth and cost-saving targets

  • Introduced and delivered an innovative Sales & Operating Planning solution through a SAP APO/ TMS solution, delivering global supply chain cost reductions of more than £ 3Mln

  • Led the introducing of an enterprise-wide product-life-cycle management replenishment planning solution for raw material to finished goods tracking with inventory and material management cost effectiveness targets and alignment to customer and product segmentation model to meet annual 25% increase in profitability targets

  • Defined end-to-end product traceability process (early supply chain block chain initiatives for product recalls, etc.), combining procurement, finance, supply chain, manufacturing and sales processes

  • Introduced customer and segmentation model, aligned to sales bonus structures, to drive customer and product profitability targets

  • Closely worked with Human Resources and Operational Leadership to transform employee engagement targets, increasing operational effectiveness

  • Successfully led a team of 25+ globally disbursed business and IT/ SAP solution resources to deliver an agile-based multi-module, multi-country finance transformation program (£0.5Bln) across Group, corporate and various manufacturing businesses, creating a solid basis for future Merger & Acquisitions activities, capitalisation, diversification and further organic growth targets

  • Delivered various high-impact transformational programs, incl. Supply Chain Innovation, Treasury and Finance & Accounting effectiveness through Robotics Process Automation, Shared Services and Outsourcing

  • As a principal management consultant at Atos KPMG Consulting and senior consultant/ transformation specialist for CSC Consulting, both leading global Business and IT consulting organisation, we introduced innovative solution design and execution to effectively deliver global, multi-year business transformations programs, incl.:

    • Business & Operational Excellence and Finance Process Optimisation,

    • Global Business Services, Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing,

    • Operational Innovation, continuous improvements and early Agile Innovation and Enterprise Agility programs,

    • Merger & Acquisition - combining effective use of existing and new Business and Technology solutions,

    • Corporate divestitures,

    • Turn-Around Management, and

    • International or domestic business expansion or venture opportunities within global multinationals across 30+ countries in 6 continents.


We introduced transformational change with our clients:

  • Exceeding business development targets by 200% (annual target of €1M) with Shared Services (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and transformational programs with new and existing strategic partnerships across Fast Moving Consumer Goods (CPG),

  • Global Business Services (GBS), SSC and BPO thought-leader, guiding 15 multinationals (and small multi-location organisations) to find innovative ways to deliver 20-35% cost reductions, while increasing their maturity, within 3 – 6 months, towards a full GBS transition model,

  • Led multi-year, multi-location Agile business transformation programs (incl. global multi-module SAP/ ERP implementations, cloud services, etc.), Agile program management initiatives, business re-prioritisation and turn-around management initiatives between €25K - 10Mln to deliver business growth of 20% and/ or annual operating cash flow increase 20-40%. 


Executive Director., Aglive

"Micha has an abundance of supply chain knowledge and experience. Better yet, he knows how to use it in straight forward, commercially-wise ways"

Head of Supply Chain, Inghams

"He is an engaging and pragmatic supply chain consultant. From a strong background in Supply Chain, he intimately understands how to turn concept into reality and does so with an inherit ability to also successfully implement that reality. I recommend Unique Excellence for any consultancy roles in the supply chain where a complex solution is required to be executed".

MIS Coordinator, Downer

"He is a confident and engaging Operational Innovation consultant. He provided invaluable experience in shaping the new finance processes within Downer through communicating effectively, working closely with the stakeholders and challenging our status quo"

Program Manager, Blackmores

"He has an effortless and swift approach to sizing up the current status of play and identifying areas for improvement (both quick wins and long term strategy). He backs up his findings with solutions and has a methodical approach to implementing the changes. He works quickly, takes complexity out and communicates clearly along the way. He leads by example and a pleasure to be around"

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