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How Can Your Business Benefit from Our ESG Advisory Services?

A proactive ESG strategy prioritises more efficient, ethical, environmentally friendly, and socially acceptable supply chain activities. In response, our comprehensive evaluation services focus on operational and ESG-principled supply chain mapping, analysis and remediation.

We achieve this insight and feedback through:

  • Comprehensive assessments: We promote traceable and trustworthy supply chains through our reliable and thorough Supply Chain Mapping models, including our ESG-led human trafficking, human rights risks and modern slavery assessments, and environmental and sustainability evaluations. Our social, governance and environmental consulting in Australia offer visibility across the range of your supply chain, operations, and investments.

  • Actionable recommendations: Beyond identification, our detailed analytics and customised review help enhance your company’s compliance and remedy imminent and avoid future risks through informed operational policy, procedure, and guideline update recommendations.

  • Engagement and support: In addition to supporting ethical and sustainable supply chains, we help raise related human rights, governance, and environmental issue awareness, providing relevant employee training and stakeholder engagement. Our approach also encompasses two and three suppliers in multi-level suppliers. In addition, to ensure compliance, we provide our unique ESG Control Tower. This convenient tool provides a holistic overview of sustainable operations and embeds best ESG practices into existing WHS/OHS solutions.

Our governance, environmental, social justice, and modern slavery consultants work closely with you and your team. We assess, evaluate, and analyse to identify, address, and eliminate global supply chain-related ESG risks, governance non-compliance and eco-friendly sustainability. In addition, our insightful advice, supply chain and operation-enhancing revamps and developments, and thoughtful and purposeful client care, help ensure your satisfaction.

Have a look at our recent engagements to see how we can assist you in your ESG journey.

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