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Our Unique Excellence Supply Chain Team is here to Help

 At Unique Excellence, we build your aspirational supply chain, together.

Start your journey now! 

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What does Unique Excellence do to review and improve my supply chain?

When you book a supply chain consultation with Unique Excellence, we take the time to really understand your aspirations. Here is the process we take to understand you and your business.

Step 1: Meet & Greet (1 or 2 sessions - FREE) We take the time to closely collaborate with you and understand your aspirations and challenges that prevent you from creating your ideal supply chain. This includes:

  • Understanding your goals, ambitions and targets

  • What does success look like? For example

    • Do your products arrive on time, at your customer's location? 

    • Do you know where in the supply chain your products are, allowing you to accurately inform your customers?

    • You understand (and look to reduce) your financials/ costs across your operations and supply chain 

    • Do you look for alternative sourcing models to ensure your raw materials are available?

    • Are you looking to introduce sustainable practices in your supply chain?

  • What do you believe are the current bottlenecks/ restrictions that prevent you from reaching your aspirational goals?

Step 2: How can we assist? (within one week - FREE) - We develop a tailored, pragmatic and fit-for-purpose proposal that describes how UE works and how we use our SCOR-ESG Model and UE's Delivery Framework to realise your ambitions

Step 3. Diagnostics & Assessment (1-2 weeks) - A  quick Diagnostics & Assessment that ensures that we capture and measure your aspirations (what success looks like), and describe the bottlenecks (as we see them).


This is followed up by a deep-dive session with you to ensure our findings are accurate and represent the core issues/ bottlenecks. During this session we will already start testing some of our innovative supply chain solutions to assess what might work and what doesn’t. 

Step 4. Foundation (2-4 weeks)We collaborate with you to design, develop and present innovative supply chain and operations solution options that describes how we envisage to get to the successful outcomes that meet your goals (each with their pros and cons, costs, resource involvement - client and UE). This will be created in full collaboration with you, and your team. 

Step 5. Solution - We work in close partnership with you, your team to create a “pilot” or “proof-of-concept” or “minimal viable solution” to test the solution (or two options) with success criteria to assess if the proposed solution is viable, scaleable and meets the required goals (ensure metrics are introduced to ensure the UE-Client team can measure the effectiveness) and make a go/no-go decision.

Step 6. Deployment (and Continues Innovation) - If a “go-decision” has been made the following options are available:

  • The UE team hands over the deployment to your team to further execute (UE can be a background support team and conducts “temperature checks” to ensure the overall goals are continuing to be achieved

  • The UE team will realise the full deployment and conducts a handover after x period (often 1-3 months)

Need support with Your Operations and Supply Chain? 

We are here to help...


Quite simply, we complete a comprehensive review of your current supply chain process, identify procedural, technical and financial roadblocks and then transform them to your aspirational ambition.


We don't just advise you how to do this - We actually collaborate with you to execute!

We want your supply chain and you to succeed
Our Unique Excellence team of supply chain innovation specialists
Delivering measurable supply chain innovations

Book an appointment with us

This is the first step to your aspirational Supply Chain that saves you time and thousands of dollars!

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