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Supply Chain Innovation Consulting is far more that giving Advice

It's expected that AU$ 2.1 Billion is spend on supply chain related consulting in 2023 ( However, last year, AU$11.4 Billion was lost among Australian businesses due to global lock downs, specific demand in medical supplies and construction supplies, and natural disasters and flooding across large parts of East Australia. With these challenges becoming the norm, and reduce this "supply chain waste", businesses need a better understanding of the value that (our) supply chain innovation consulting can bring.

Unfortunately there are numerous (supply chain) consultancy businesses for which Australian and International businesses pay "good money" for impractical solutions and poor implemented recommendations. It's therefore important for businesses to understand how they are able to select a supply chain innovation consultancy organisation that delivers their ambitions, goals and requirements.

Unique Excellence has worked with some of the most challenging organisations to deliver pragmatic, fit-for-purpose innovations that until today are delivering value for our clients (and well beyond), as our focus has been to not only improve supply chain effectiveness, but also facilitate knowledge transfer to enable our clients to continuously adapt to ensure optimal supply chain resilience. Below are are several reasons why, we believe, a business will benefit in working with our supply chain innovation specialists. Some of the most common reasons include:

  1. Expertise: Our supply chain specialists have hands-on knowledge and experience in optimising supply chain operations, which is very valuable for businesses that lack this expertise in-house. Our team provides a fresh and unique perspective, and offer insights that often have not been considered before.

  2. Cost savings: Our supply chain experts know how to identify inefficiencies, duplication, and bottlenecks in the supply chain, and we recommend solutions to reduce costs and improve profitability.

  3. Risk management: Supply chain disruptions have a significant impact on your bottom-line. We closely collaborate with our clients to identify potential risks and develop (and implement) strategies to mitigate and eliminate them, such as by diversifying suppliers or building redundancies into the supply chain.

  4. Scalability: As your business grows, its supply chain often becomes more complex and diversified. Our supply chain innovation team identifies, designs and implements fit-for-purpose strategies to ensure that the supply chain can scale with your business.

  5. Sustainability: A sustainable supply chain is a key requirement for today's supply chains. We introduce the relevant Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) model that will not only be creating a sustainable supply chain, but also provide financial benefits (using the Triple Bottom Line - principle).

  6. Collaboration: It's important that any supply chain expertise that you're "buying" can be captured and maintained in your business. This is why our collaboration model is not only focussed on getting direct results, but more importantly creating a solid supply chain model that is able to continue to evolve and mature, even though our team has left the premises

  7. Innovation: Our supply chain innovation specialists are on the forefront of new supply chain trends and fit-for-purpose technologies in your industry. We help you to adopt innovative supply chain and operational solutions that will substantially improve efficiency, resilience and competitiveness.

Overall, working with our supply chain innovation consultants have enabled many of our clients to optimise their supply chain operations, reduce costs, mitigate risks, increase their resilience, introduce supply chain sustainability, and improve overall financial performance. And more important, even when we left, our clients were able to continue to evolve and mature their supply chain to an even higher level, that's more than just giving advice

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