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Showing our focus on sustainable innovation across our client's operations and supply chains

Part of Unique Excellence's growth is our continued clarity around the service we offer. In the last few years this service offering has transitioned from a focus in ensuring that supply chains are embedded into an organisation's other functions, to taking an innovative, fit-for-purpose, pragmatic and sustainable supply chain management approach that elevates the whole organisation to operate on a more customer-focussed, people-centric, financially-independent, and futureproof basis.

To communicate this shift in Unique Excellence's focus, we introduced our new logo that represents creativity, innovation, and bright ideas. We believe that through our collaboration with clients we are able to transition an idea into pragmatic, fit-for-purpose supply chain innovations, which are fully embedded into our client's business and truly support our client's ambitions.

Our team's ability to think outside the box, come up with unique solutions to provide operational and supply chain excellence, while introducing innovation, brainstorming, and/ or creative problem-solving solutions, has been a key component to our recent success. Therefore our logo should show how our growing team is driven by creativity and desire to collaborate with our clients to generate, create and implement new and innovative operational and supply chain solutions, that ensures optimal adoption in our client's organisation.

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