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"Revolutionising the Back-Office: Is Your Business Embracing Operational Innovation?"

UE's Operational Innovation Spider Diagram to measure your impact
Operational Innovation through our Spiderdiagram model

When we discuss business innovation, we mostly refer to new products, new services, new technologies, etc. However, operational innovation has been key to many innovative organisations, while only a small number of leaders look at their back-office as innovative.

So how can you introduce innovation in your back-office?

Before you look to introduce innovation in your operations (operational innovation), it’s imperative to measure the current level of innovation that is available in your back-office. On many occasions, operational innovation has been present, however, due to the lack of a solid framework, approach or methodology, the organisation has been unable to deliver these innovations effectively…

At Unique Excellence, we have developed an Innovation Health Check, which is part of our Validate service to measure the level of innovation effectiveness that is available in your organisation. The Innovation Health Check will use a proven "spider diagram" to asses your organisation on the key innovation aspects described in the Agile Innovation Maturity Model;

  • The spider diagram will asses current innovation state vs. desired innovation state and will provide, innovation:

  • Strengths - Internal strengths that are available in your organisation

  • Weaknesses - Internal challenges in your organisation

  • Opportunities - External opportunities that allow your organisation to become "more" innovative

  • Threats - External pressures which might hinder or slow down your innovation efforts

  • The spider diagram will be compiled through one-to-one interviews with a cross-selection of stakeholders to obtain an in-depth view of the current innovation effectiveness in your organisation across the key areas of Agile Innovation:

  • Level of cross-functional expertise and initiatives within your organisation,

  • Effectiveness of Learning & Development in your organisation,

  • Availability of dashboards incl. ideas tracking, innovation dashboard with metrics, progress tracking, etc.

  • Innovation participation and stakeholder engagement across your organisation.

  • Combining the spider diagram with the SWOT analysis will provide insight in your Innovation maturity to allow an initial proposed innovation roadmap and progress metrics, which will kick-off your innovation journey...

Only by measuring your current level of innovation effectiveness across your operations, you’re able to introduce sustainable innovation at the heart of your business. Through Unique Excellence, we’re able to introduce structure, our implementation models and active guidance to deliver on innovative operational solutions, which focus on extracting operational innovation in your business…

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