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From Operational Excellence to Operational Innovation to deliver high long-lasting impact...

Many organisations are cureently struggling with the effect of the latest global threat, the coronavirus. over the last 5 years, businesses have started to invest in smart-technologie, but many have not progressed as far as they would like to. This means that many businesses still have a heavy reliance on staff/ employees. This is now resulting in the following challenges;

- when employees are attracting the coronavirus, they are expected to remain isolated from others for approx. two weeks, directly affecting the productivity of many of these staff members and these businesses

- as the coronavirus is affecting business trade, e.g. airlines are empty, movie theaters are less populated, bulkbuying of certain consumer goods, while minimal/ no purchases of other consumer goods, these businesses still carry the financial overheads (e.g. payroll costs, office costs, etc.)

- the interaction between staff members and organisations are heavily reduced, many organisations cancel work trips, staff are advised not to conduct in physical interactions, etc. As most organisations flourish due to human contact and cross-organisational interactions, the lack of this interaction will direct impact their operational and financial performance

It’s unfortunate that most organisations are still looking to deliver operational excellence, instead of making the direct leap to operational innovation, which has, and will, create far more value for the individual business and the business interactions due to this “transformational model”. We have seen how organisations have adopted operational innovation initiatives, and have delivered high, long-lasting impact. Some of the organisations we have partnered with;

- DB Schenker is conducting trials to connect their physical and digital supply chain, creating visibility and traceability. Supporting shipment ETA planning for their warehouses, leading to more accurate staff levels to handle incoming/ outgoing transports,

- Leading meat processor(s) are able to link their internal traceability solutions with the Aglive livestock traceability solution, to more accurately plan their incoming livestock, increasing internal process and people efficiencies and increase predictive automation

- Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef is connecting their consumer with their farm, allowing a closer consumer experience and alignment with their product, increasing targeted shipments to the relevant distribution channels to increase their operational and financial performance (Link)

All these leading organisations, have made the jump from Operational Excellence to Operational Innovation and it has provided them with direct operational and financial returns.

So, how are YOU able to deal with these global threats?

Start small, go together, go far and deliver REAL operational and financial impact. This is Unique Excellence operating model as we partner with some of the most innovative businesses and technologies to deliver fit-for-purpose Operational and Supply Chain Innovations...

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