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Expanding Our Team with Supply Chain & Operational Analysts!

We are continuously looking for people that think outside the traditional operations and supply chain. The last year has proven that resilience, adapting and forward-looking is an imperative skill in operations and supply chain.

Unique Excellence is a Supply Chain Innovation and Operational Innovation consultancy which works within the Food & Beverage industry to deliver some of the most innovative (non) technology solutions, incl. ethical and sustainable supply chain solutions, blockchain-enabled transparency, traceability and visibility, and many more.

Do you have more than 3 years operational supply chain management experience, have a real interest in innovative solution delivery, supported by data analytics, and looking for your next step in your Operational and Supply Chain Management career?

We are looking for a fixed-term supply chain, operational and data innovation analyst to join our team. Someone who wants to be part of the most innovative boutique supply chain and operational innovation consultancy in Sydney, Australia?

We are working with some of the most innovative supply chain businesses and organisations in the Food & Beverage industry. To support our various partners, we're looking for the following skills and experience:

  • Have a Bachelor’s or Masters Degree in Business Administration or equivalent with one to three years operational and/ or supply chain related experience with technology involvement OR five to ten years job experience dealing with production/ operations, supply chain planning, finance and technology.

  • Demonstrated solid understanding of business analysis, technical report writing tools and extracting information for detailed analysis

    • Data and business requirements analysis and documentation (incl. delivering business requirements documents (BRDs)

    • Perform data analysis and reporting requirements, while getting involved in data specification, mapping and application flow management

    • Ability to build out complex data and rules-based data models to create solid dashboards and other performance metrics to evaluate innovation impact,

    • Ability to review, recommend and provide fit-for-purpose solutions for different tiers and vertical markets

  • Able to work with a technical team to deliver an innovative (technology/ non-technology) end-to-end operational and supply chain model.

  • Demonstrated problem-solving, mathematical skills and analytical capabilities to determine origin of data and making independent decisions from data.

  • Understanding and knowledge of the Operational and Supply Chain model.

  • Ability to adapt to changing business needs, adjust priorities and an agile-based project methodology.

  • Demonstrated oral and written communication skills with the ability to respond timely and effectively to multiple inquiries from a variety of internal and external contacts, while adopting a collaborative communication approach with diverse International people/ groups and understand, respect, and appreciate the diverse differences.

Unique Excellence is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate our inclusive work environment and welcome members of all backgrounds and perspectives to apply. At Unique Excellence, we’re committed to developing and upholding an inclusive, transparent, and comfortable environment for all. We create a space where every voice, perspective, and idea is heard and acknowledged. We embrace differences, and know that our diverse team is our strength and what drives innovation with our clients.

Even though the work will be conducted remotely, we know that most innovative solutions happen when we're in the same room. Therefore, we prefer Sydney-based professionals with the relevant legal visa requirements.

Please apply through our LinkedIn page!

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