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The Foundation of Agile Supply Chain Innovation...

Introducing a solid foundation of Agile Supply Chain Management will support organisations to remain responsive to continuous evolving and changing demands across its internal and external partners.

At Unique Excellence, we have seen how agile Supply Chain Management continues to allow innovative Food & Beverage business to remain competitive in an increasingly demanding consumer market. In 2018, we have seen how fast-changing technologies and operational innovations required supply chain models to respond effectively and speedily to meet unexpected external (and internal) disruptions.

During our many years of supporting multinationals, large national and family-owned business in optimising their core business operations, being it their finance function, human resources, internal/ external communications, supply chain management, IT/ technologies across their core organisation of Global Business Services (combining Shared Services and Outsourcing), we know how important an Agile mindset is to continuously evolve and adjust to external and internal demands.

Also in Supply Chain Management this has become increasingly important. This picture shows clearly how the different parts of the Supply or Value Chain requires an agile foundation to deliver continuous value to the wider organisation. The only element that we often include in this picture is the focus on "profitability" (product and customer), allowing your operational and supply chain teams to deliver high-impact innovative solutions

Do you believe that change technology/ non-technology will continue to be disruptive to your supply chain in 2019? Please contact us for an investigative conversation. We have on many occasions delivered high-impact business value through targeted solutions and operational improvements.

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