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From Operational Excellence to Operational Innovation...

Unique Excellence is an established boutique consultancy closely collaborating with medium to multinational organisations to re-think supply chain and other back-office operations as they aim to transition from Operational Excellence to Operational Innovation. It’s founder and managing director, Micha Veen, defines effective supply chain and operational excellence as an innovation journey, instead of an end destination. At Unique Excellence, we strongly believe that modern leaders require to build sustainable partnerships within and outside their organisation to allow a transition from “excellence” towards “innovation”. Today’s leaders should be willing to share, collaborate and learn from both internal organisational units as well as external organisations that have similar challenges. Successful businesses on the top of the Operational Innovation Index, such as Dell, Toyota and Wall-Mart are known for this type of collaboration. During his career, Micha has always been passionate about guiding leaders towards adopting collaborative behaviours and breaking down transformations into smaller parts. He believes that it’s imperative to introduce an on-going iterative solution development and deployment approach to deliver true Operational Innovation. Instead of following strict processes and bureaucratic governance models that "try" to introduce Operational Excellence, Micha has on many occasions seen how, through the use of agility in the change approach, organisations were able to deliver exponential results.

By selecting one part of the organisation, which is a representative “sample”, Unique Excellence has worked with key resources in organisations to test, validate, get the quick wins and extend innovative solutions to disrupt, transform and extrapolate Operational Innovation across many organisations. Through this methodology, Micha and his specialist team, has worked with modern leaders to make real innovative impact in Australia's volatile business climate. If your looking for high impact Operational Innovative solutions in your organisation, contact Unique Excellence, as we have guided some of the largest Australian organisations, incl. Ingham's, Downer EDI, Local Government, etc. to understand their challenges and opportunities, while partnering them with external organisations, to deliver real results.

Over the years, we have seen at Unique Excellence that organisations that are able to adopt Operational Innovation, have open-minded, modern leaders who are not afraid to look at other part of their or external organisations that have solved or are part way through solving similar challenges, to deliver their innovation ambitions...

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