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Delivering Operational Innovation means getting your hands dirty!

The times have been long gone where consultants arrive in organisations and go through their own predefined methodology to define the “ultimate case for change” with minimal operational interaction. Often this results in designing the latest and greatest technology “to” senior management to deliver a solution that has partial or no operational user adoption. Even though the solutions are often considered to be best in class, if the end-users don’t adopt this solution, the proposed benefits will never be delivered.

In the last years there has been a strong focus, by executive management, to introduce Innovation in their organisations. Numerous large organisations have introduced Innovation portals, Ideation sessions, etc. However, often the adoption of all the initiatives is very poor. Most employees see this “innovation initiative” as another management tool, which doesn’t teally solve their day-to-day challenges.

So, unless the management initiative is really addressing existing bottlenecks, inefficiencies or non-value add administrative activities, employees will obstruct or even simply reject any initiative that is being put forward. This is why it’s imperative to introduce Operational Innovation with the following points in mind;

  • Develop an iterative road map that deliver benefits, early on, to the existing challenges

  • Operational Innovation is addressing a holistic environment, while delivering real value at every stage

  • Collaborative design, creation and testing before implementing WITH staff will result in real adoption

  • Measure progress at every stage of the innovation to ensure value is delivered to the staff and wider organisation

  • Never start with the technology, but rather end with the technology to get the biggest innovation impact

All these points tequire the Operational Innovation Specialist to work with the employees in a collaborative manner, instead of the typical “ivory tower” approach. This is how businesses create valie through using external partners in today’s business landscape...

Are you looking for Operational Innovation or Supply Chain Innovation specialists that know how to deliver real impact to your business? Please contact our specialists at Unique Excellence!

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