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Supply Chain Innovation can only be successful if you collaborate and partner with your customers an

Recent reports, incl. the Annual Supply Chain report from ASCI , highlight that even though most, approx. 70%, of established organisations understand and include innovation as a strategic priority, only approx. 20% do actually believe that their supply chain is innovative.

It's clear that there is a substantial gap between this strategic priority and the actual execution or implementation of Supply Chain Innovation. Many organisations don't know how to introduce Supply Chain Innovation (see Supply Chain Innovation, where do you start?) or are very "silo-based" within their business or across their Supply Chain.

One of the areas that is often forgotten and misunderstood is that Supply Chain Innovation can only be achieved when organisations partner with their customers and suppliers. Supply Chain Innovation is impossible to achieve by an organisation on its own. It's the same when organisations are "trying" internal technology innovation within a single departments or function. Similar to internal business and technology, it's critical to know that innovation across your supply chain requires close collaboration with your suppliers and customers to be effective. Only by actively addressing "waste", non-value-add activities, broken technologies and/ or unnecessary complexities between you and your supply chain partners, you're able to effectively introduce innovative business or technology solutions.

Innovation starts with focussed conversations, e.g. Design Thinking, with your supply chain partners. The most important, and often the first step, which successful organisations have taken to achieve Supply Chains Innovation is collaborative engagement with their suppliers and customers. Through having open, cross-organisational dialogues with clear objectives, I have seen how these challenges are able to become a thing of the past, and true Supply Chain Innovation is achieved!

Are you looking for Supply Chain Innovation expertise to allow you to start introducing Supply Chain Innovation, then don't hesitate and contact our Operational Innovation specialists at Unique Excellence today!

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