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Transition to design thinking to deliver true Operational Innovation...

Introducing effective business and Operational Innovative solutions has been a constant challenge for many traditional organisations. Transforming your project management organisation to introduce new project methodologies to not deliver one-off, but continuous benefits has traditionally been very difficult to achieve.

Through researching different organisations around their success criteria for successful project delivery, I'm still surprised that many organisations believe that a successful project is when a project is delivered in budget, on-time and with the planned resources (the traditional Prince 2 focus) and has delivered the one-off benefits. However, in today's fast moving innovative solution development environment, these are merely hygiene factors for projects. As many different external factors influence the outcome of projects, it's crucial to adapt your project management methodologies to address this operational innovation environment. Through introducing design thinking methodologies, operational innovation, agile, etc., projects are not only delivered in budget, on-time and with the planned resources, but these projects are able to deliver continuous exponential benefits.

Over the last years, I have seen how organisations that have started to adopt these new methodologies have been able to deliver projects that show a true exponential benefits, e.g. cross-functional cost saving, revenue increase, market-share or end-to-end operational innovative advantages.

Only through allowing your project initiatives to push the boundaries through introducing new effective project management methodologies, I have seen first hand how organisations have been able to successfully overcome their internal and external challenges with far-reaching results....

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