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How to introduce innovative finance solutions in a "static" organisation?

Identifying operational innovative finance solutions in large corporations has it's challenges, but is highly achievable when working cross-functional. But how do you introduce these innovative solutions across your end-to-end finance environment?

Below, I have listed the steps that should be taken to move from "idea" to "implementation" in (large) "static" organisations...

  1. Use solid ideation transformation strategies to create solid solutions.

  2. Develop a ideation to innovative solution roadmap with continuous stakeholder and operational finance engagement

  3. Create Proof of Concept models to translate the idea into a visible/ actionable soltion (based on early Minimal Viable Solution principles)

  4. Conduct alignment sessions across your finance and non-finance community to increase awareness, operational engagement, develop "champions" and buy-in sessions

  5. Create clear metrics, KPI's before transitioning the Proof-of-Concept into a operational Minimal Viable Solution.

  6. Deploy and embed the operational Minimal Viable Solution into a "subset" of the finance organisation/ process

  7. Measure the operational finance metrics and share/ communicate these across the wider finance and non-finance community to continuously strenghten the end-to-end engagement

  8. Use the innovative solution roadmap to define a clear improve and release schedule to extend the operational innovative finance solution across the relevant end-to-end finance environment, while continuously assessing; Data, Reporting, Organisation & People, Process and Technology

  9. Introduce aligned operational finance innovative solutions to continuously extend, engage and enrich the finance environment...

The key to deliver operational innovative finance solutions in "static" organisations is to conduct early awareness sessions through which you "take" your senior and operational stakeholders on this operational innovative finance solutions journey...

Do you like to know more in how Unique Excellence is able to assist you to deliver innovation in your finance environment, please contact us!

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