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Supply Chain Innovation services to Educate - Validate - Innovate!

Creating innovation within your organisation has been a challenge for many organisations. Numerous organisations have initiated a variation of business and technology transformations to focus on “transforming” their end-to-end business to deliver:

  • Simplicity of their business model,

  • Streamlining their processes and technology,

  • Internal-focussed business and technical Solutions,

However, these “transformations” also address well-working elements of your business. This is why leading-edge organisations have introduced Agile Development, Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to deliver targeted iterative improvements to deliver continuous improved business efficiencies, cost savings, operational effectiveness, etc.

Unique Excellence has combined these best-in-class iterative methodologies to deliver Agile Innovation. Through our new Educate – Validate – Innovate service model, we are able to effectively assist you to transition from your business-as-usual or transformation towards business innovation.

We focus on introducing internal business innovation across your organisation, allowing you to develop innovative solutions to increase operational effectiveness resulting in innovative, market-relevant products and services.

Our services provide a comprehensive Agile Innovation change experience, allowing you to effectively adopt Agile Innovation to exceed your organisational goals and commercial growth targets…

Our three distinct services offerings are:-

Agile Innovation Education

We provide half-day and full day workshops/ education sessions to provide in-depth understanding in how Agile Innovation is able to transform your organisation towards Innovation Excellence.

Our in-depth education sessions provide explanation, learnings, challenges and insights in how you're able to effectively use Agile Innovation to provide innovation excellence and deliver continuous commercial growth.

Innovation Health Check

Our innovation health check service provides a tailored, in-depth innovation assessment (SWOT), a "spider-diagram" and an innovation roadmap to validate your current innovation effectiveness and provides effective guidance to increase your execution speed for your Innovation Excellence journey.

Agile Innovation Excellence

Unique Excellence closely collaborates with your stakeholders and their cross-functional teams to introduce targeted innovation solutions through small, iterative changes to optimise your organisational effectiveness and deliver your organisational goals and commercial growth targets.

By using our seasoned Enterprise Transformational specialists with cross-industry knowledge of best-in-class innovative solutions, we are able to guide your stakeholders and teams to transitioning your strategic goals into operational solutions and successfully deliver:

  • Business Excellence

  • Operational Excellence

  • Finance Excellence

  • Shared Services & BPO Effectiveness

  • Technology Excellence

  • HR, Leadership & Performance Excellence

  • Innovation & NPD Excellence

  • Customer Service Excellence

Are you looking to extend your business or technology transformation towards business or technology innovation, than we are here to educate you and your teams on Agile Innovation. If you’re looking for a more tailored approach, we are able to offer you an Innovation Health Check to validate your innovation effectiveness…

To learn more how Unique Excellence is able to actively assist you to introduce business innovation within your organisation, allowing you to develop innovative solutions to increase operational effectiveness and exceed your organisational goals and commercial growth or cost targets, contact us

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