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Use "software development" principles to deliver successful, incremental Corporate change.

The word "Business Transformation" still creates nightmares and unrest with a large number of senior management executives in large corporates. Business transformations raise a number of the following concerns: -

  • What are the costs and time-line expectations?

  • What is the expected ROI and how do we financially account for the spend?

  • Does this long-running transformation tie up our key (business) resources?

  • How does this transformation adopt external and internal business change, which occurs during the program?

  • Who will run the transformation and who designs the business and technology solutions, external consultants or internal employees, or a combination?

  • Will the transformation be supported or led by technology, e.g a Digital Business Transformation?

Start-up and technology organisations have effectively moved away from traditional business transformations and started to address these challenges, through introducing new (updated) development methodologies, e.g. Agile, Kanban, Lean PMO, Scrum, Extreme programming (XP), Lean Start-Up, etc. All these methodologies are focussed on introducing focussed, incremental, result-driven improvements, which focus on continuously incorporating customer requirements to the development process. By creating a continuous feedback-loop with your internal and external customers, these organisations are able to deliver focussed, value-added solutions that closely meet their customer's needs.

However, these iterative solution development techniques, which focus on continuous feedback-loops, are still relatively unknown in large corporate change programs.

Unique Excellence has started to introduce this type of solution development for large corporates to allow result-driven, incremental changes that focus on addressing key business challenges. The focus is place on:-

  • Test & Try. Aimed to introduce a test & try mentality into a corporate organisation, it allows employees to get out of their comfort zone and use knowledge, common sense and external insights to introduce innovative solutions,

  • Delivery effectiveness through an iterative, incremental, frequent improvement approach that is monitored with relevant KPI's to add value to the Corporate business goals further, faster..

  • People First, by creating continuous feedback-loops and open communication from customers, stakeholders and team members, Corporates are able to deliver solutions, that are relevant and value-add to their business goals, strategy and ambition.

  • All solutions are Enterprise Aware. It's imperative to introduce solution simplicity and self-organising teams across the enterprise to deliver effective incremental solutions, which add exponential value to business goals through close alignment with enterprise-wide goals,

  • Building solutions around motivated key business individuals, who should be trusted. To allow focussed, innovative solutions to be developed, organisations require to create an innovative and trusted business environment. By trusting and motivating their employees, the right innovative solutions will be produced.

The traditional business transformations, with a start and end-date, which also change well-working areas of your organisations, are more-and-more replaced by "focussed, incremental change initiatives that transforms businesses", as also Corporates realise that focussed innovation (across the organisation) and incremental continuous improvement is key in allowing their business to go further, faster....

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