Unique Excellence is a Supply Chain and Operational Innovation boutique consultancy delivering pragmatic Operational and Supply Chain Innovative solutions to deliver targeted impact for it's progressive client-base.


We are known for our collaborative approach, supported by data analytics, to deliver your Operational and Supply Chain Innovation journey. Our highly experienced consultancy team of operational and supply chain specialists, supported by our data scientists, we closely partner with our clients to identify and implement best-in-class, fit-for-purpose, innovative solutions which further strengthen their operational, financial and commercial business goals…

Micha Veen
Founder & Managing Director

Micha is the driving force behind Unique Excellence. For over 20 years, Micha has delivered game-changing, transformational supply chain and operational innovations, supported by exceeding operational and financial stretch targets of well-known domestic, international and global multinational organisations.


Unique Excellence, where Operations and Supply Chain meets Innovation

After working for leading global multinationals and big 4 consulting firms in London (UK), Amsterdam (NL), Johannesburg (SA), Beijing (CN), Chicago (US) and numerous other locations across EMEA, North and South America and Asia Pacific, Micha noticed that although the intentions were always solid to introduce "innovative change", the execution was full of inconsistencies, mis-alignments and challenges due to the approach that many organisation take. This made him decide to establish a Supply Chain & Operational Innovation boutique Consultancy to guide, motivate and drive REAL value chain within the "control room" of the organisation, supporting innovative solution delivery across the entire Food & Beverage industries.  


Taking a pragmatic, customer-centric delivery approach, which is supported by leading data analytics and visualisation, he is able to "innovate" established business practices. Through combining his deep hands-on operational and supply chain knowledge - underpinned with his financial modelling skills - with the latest technology dynamics of its customers, Micha delivers fit-for-purpose innovative solutions.


As an Agile Practitioner (DSDM certified), he often adopts the role of the Business Visionary, through which his expertise in translating business strategies into operational, supply chain, financial and technology results is delivering most value. Resourceful, engaging and committed, he uses his cross-industry experience to elevate the "status quo", allowing his clients to introduce new innovative business models, processes and technologies to deliver double-digit operational and financial growth.

Our Strategic Partners

Unique Excellence's founder understands that delivering value to it's clients requires us to work and partner with like-minded individuals and organisations. Unique Excellence has therefore a dedicated team of Supply Chain and Operations Professionals and Data Analysts to guide its clients on this innovation journey. Additionally we work with an extensive network of partners that offer complementary solutions to further strengthen our team and the impact to our clients.

If you're interested to partner with/ join us, please see the following link for more information around what we're looking for or contact us!

To ensure that we're able to meet our continuously evolving client needs, we are always recruiting and extending our partner network - operational and technological - through which we are able to deliver effective fit-for-purpose qualitative Operational and Supply Chain Innovative Solutions.

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