Supply Chain Traceability And Transparency

Contact Unique Excellence for assistance in mapping your company’s end-to-end Supply Chain supporting the ability to have Full Supply Chain Traceability And Transparency

We pride ourselves on being able to partner across the end-to-end supply chain with farmers, logistics providers, processors, manufacturing, supply chain partners, distribution and warehouse organisations and retailers to provide full transparency and traceability of their products to the end-consumers. Through introducing leading technologies, incl. blockchain-enabled data capturing, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) solutions, we're able to capture and analyse multiple aspects of the supply chain. It is important that all your supply chain participants are able to have full visibility of the supply chain, supporting pro-active notification management when bottlenecks or issues occur, or enabling active corrections when there are processes that shouldn't happen. Through providing traceability the brand owner (core organisation) is able to have full insight in bottlenecks and which channels are more effective than others. Through providing a trusted, transparent, traceable supply chain the company can be acting in such a way that it aligns with the short and long-term goals of the organisation of a whole.


Let Unique Excellence analyse your company’s end-to-end Supply Chain so we can actively work with you to create a smooth-running supply chain model that provides full visibility. Most companies, today, have out-dated and inefficient ways of running their operations and supply chain functions. Additionally, there are multiple systems that are manually-intensive and are not able to connect, causing processes to be invisible, ineffective and cause issues and disparities where they need not exist. We can help creating this visibility (without changing your core solutions), so that your company can be part of a fully visible, digital supply chain which will contribute to fraud elimination, sustainability opportunities, cost reductions and many other improvements which will support your company from top to bottom. Once every part of your supply chain is running efficiently and is focused on the same goals, the sky will be the limit for your success.

In addition to mapping your Supply Chain across all your partners, we are also able to understand product origin. In today's global economy, it is important that companies know exactly where they are sourcing from and what practices they are associated with, both directly and indirectly. Connections to disreputable suppliers and suppliers with reputable labour practices ensure that a company does not risk any damage to their reputation. As many cases in recent years have shown, Modern Slavery is a growing concern and connections to disreputable suppliers can cause long-lasting, sometimes permanent, damage to companies. No company wants to be associated with exploitative labour practices, so we can help companies examine their entire supply chain with company reputation in mind. If any issues are found, we can identify them, and then brainstorm then implement a change that will keep your company’s reputation clean.

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