Traceability, Transparency & Visibility

If transparency is a growing business imperative, why aren’t more companies doing it and why is the transition to transparent supply chains so slow?

Supply Chain Introducing Transparency, Traceability and Visibility across our client's supply chains

"Getting the Right Product, to the Right Place, in the Right Quantity, with the Right Quality at the Right Costs" 

Unique Excellence uses the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, enhanced with the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) components to introduce breakthrough sustainable supply chain solutions, which further enable supply chain participants and its customers to unlock substantial value.


The SCOR-ESG Model focuses on all supply chain and customer interactions between the product origin to the end-consumer. This includes all raw materials, production, and supply chain services needed to complete transactions, including environmental, social and governance requirements to further elevate the supply chain processes and behaviours.

SCOR-ESG Model as the foundation to deliver real innovative value

Unique Excellence has used this unique integrated Supply Chain Framework to align the original SCOR model with the latest ESG requirements to further Educate, Evaluate and Execute ethical and sustainable Operational and Supply Chain Innovations...