Supply Chain Sustainability (Environmental, Social and Governance)

We remain committed to introduce the principles of Supply Chain Environmental Social Governance (ESG) with our immediate focus on combating Modern Slavery, introducing a Circular Supply Chain and supporting the UN Sustainability Development Goals   

As a company, Unique Excellence is governed by our motto: Delivering the RIGHT change. Nothing embodies our devotion to introducing all the elements of Supply Chain Sustainability, incl. environmental, social and governance. Our focus on supporting the 17 United Nations Supply Chain related Development Goals, is key to deliver a sustainable supply chain model.

Unique Excellence is committed to deliver value to the following supply chain related UN goals, being;

UN SDG #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

We actively work with organisations which introduce governance across their supply chain operations, from first-tier suppliers to multi-tier suppliers, and clusters of suppliers to eliminate unlawful or unruly work conditions, worker rights, human rights and/or child labour. Overall we are actively working with organisations to combat Modern Slavery within their multi-layer supply chain.

UN SDG #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Unique Excellence is passionate to work across the supply chain, enabling supply chain partners to work together. Only through open collaboration across the various supply chain partners and its customers, there is the ability to develop, implement and enhance collaborative innovation. Finding innovative solutions to the issues surrounding sustainable business practices together with suppliers builds parallel goals and an infrastructure for a new standard of supply chain operation.

UN SDG #12: Responsible Production and Consumption
Increasing end-to-end transparency and traceability from Farm to Fork has been a trending demand of supply chain participants and consumers from the brands they support and consume. Although this is apparent in most industries, the main focuss has been placed on the Food Supply Chain, through which food fraud has been a substantial issue. Recent research has highlighted that global food fraud costs the industry over $40 Bln. Once again, governance and compliance of supplier relationships and operations can ensure that the development of responsible supply chain takes place. All participating business must take an active role of the governing body to assure that their supply chains are functioning in-line with "their" international standards, country standards and collaborative standards. To that same effect, engagement in supplier relationships and the development/ education of suppliers can aid in developing parallel goals for sustainability with suppliers. This requires mutual understanding and inclusivity by both parties.

UN SDG #13: Climate Action

Reducing climate impact in supply chain activities is a must, and Unique Excellence believes that this is a vital portion of all businesses’ cultural rhetoric. Developing a Circular Supply Chain model, which reduces the impact on our climate is key to a successful and sustainable supply chain. To accomplish this, there is a need for a strong understanding what your organisation can do, internally, to introduce cost-effective circular supply chain initiatives. The main focus points of a circular supply chain model is to aim to introduce elements for the reduction of GHG emissions, over expenditure of water and electricity.

UN SDG #14 and 15: Life Below Water and Life On Land
Sustainable supply chain action would clearly impact goals 14 and 15 both directly and indirectly. Unique Excellence is mainly active in the Food & Beverage sector, including many Agribusinesses. These organisations are able to introduce sustainable operational and supply chain initiatives which support both these critical UN goals

UN SDG #17: Partnerships for the Goals
No business can work in isolation to develop a culture around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Unique Excellence has therefore been partnering with technology and non-technology organisations, incl. industry bodies and universities to introduce operational and supply chain strategies which include a standard for sustainable development. We strongly believe that partnerships throughout the industry, provide the foundation through which businesses thrive.

Unique Excellence always aims to to implement Supply Chain Environmental Social Governance (ESG) components (depending on the operational and supply chain maturity of the business). This philosophy prioritises socially acceptable, ethical, and, of course, environmentally friendly supply chain activities. We are not just committed to making your supply chain more efficient, effective and financially empowering, but also believe that introducing a more sustainable supply chain model, your organisation is able to increase it's customer-base. By lessening your company’s environmental footprint, your company will be running an ethical operation. We believe that you cannot put a price on being an ethical company, and are committed to help improve your business practices, from beginning to end.

Our goal is to identify any potential sustainability conflicts in your supply chain, whether those be direct or indirect. We want our clients to be united with us in this cause.

If you want to make the right changes the right way, contact us today.

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