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Why Consider an Environmental Impact Assessment with Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting?

Most would assume manufacturing operations to be their least ecologically sound department. However, recent research findings highlight supply chains – mainly focused on logistics, distribution and warehousing – as the primary polluter responsible for most of the business footprint. It’s also the most vulnerable to ESG non-compliance and risk.

Hence, rely on a professional ecological consultant to identify, address, and help prevent unsustainable, environmentally unsound, unethical, and otherwise ESG non-compliant supply chain policies, practices and guidelines. Consider the following:

  • Government and investor pressure: With the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and recent COP26, companies are coming under increasing pressure to implement more sustainable, low-carbon plans, with over 90 percent of Fortune 500 organisations adjusting strategy to align. Efforts include reducing water and energy usage, minimising emissions, ethical sourcing, reducing waste and improved waste disposal, and lowering carbon footprint. In contrast, however, COP26 understanding suggests as few as one-third of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have climate change resilience planning in place.

  • Increasing consumer demand for ESG transparency: With consumer purchase power expanding and impacting business success more directly than ever before, avoiding reputational damage requires improved responsibility and sustainability visibility and accountability. This impetus pushes companies to set realistic, actionable, and measurable KPIs accessible for independent third-party audits.

  • Fragmented approaches: Planning, implementing, managing, monitoring, and reporting on ESG initiatives, while vital, can be challenging. However, businesses often lack clear and co-ordinated operational, supply chain, and financial ESG objectives, with disparate initiatives occurring ad hoc within silos. This fragmentation of goals and activities detracts from ESG proposition coherence, continuity, and impact, reducing its valuable potential and benefits.

To help your business align with and address these concerns, experienced social, governance, and environmental consulting can help you identify vulnerabilities across operations and your supply chain. Professional services can put a credible ESG strategy and targeted, actionable remediation in place. In addition, reputable agencies further raise awareness appropriately and engage organisation-wide to consolidate approaches and unify outcomes for powerful operational and financial results.

It’s now common knowledge that companies adopting ESG effectively and efficiently tend to outperform competitors. This dominance includes increased earnings over the short and long term compared to peers with lower ESG scores. So, don’t wait. Instead, contact Unique Excellence to explore ESG advisory services with an environmental impact assessment; Australia and the world can benefit from your compliance commitment.

Rely on Unique Excellence for Growth

Start your equity enhancing ESG journey today for a brighter future for your business, stakeholders, community, and the planet. Let us partner with you and your entire team, from shop floor to boardroom, to optimise your outcomes and boost your value cost-effectively and efficiently.

Our bold, yet best-practice, boutique attention will ‘exceed your expectations’. So, book your consultation today or contact us with any questions.

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