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Unique Excellence is Breaking the Traditional Supply Chain Innovation Delivery Model...

Innovation is a challenge for many organisations, from a small and medium enterprise to a large multinational. Both organisation types have their own restrictions and/ or opportunities, that either guide innovation from “Idea to Implementation” or create many ideas which never become reality. We have seen how financial challenges, organisational/ people skills and abilities resulted in some of the most leading organisations restricting to truly innovate. 

Supply chain innovation has an additional complexity as this type of innovation can't be done in isolation, like most back-office, sales and marketing or operational innovations, as this true innovation in this space is very reliant on “your” supply chain partners ability, willingness and desire to innovate. And within an industry which has low margins, is very hands-on, and is very “delivery” focused, initiating and delivering supply chain innovation is a real challenge. Executing Supply Chain Innovation means that the "lead innovator" requires to bring multiple organisational types, behaviours and skills together to deliver cross-organisational innovation, which by itself is a challenge. 

So, why has Unique Excellence been successful in delivering "result-driven" fit-for-purpose Supply Chain Innovation?

There are a number of reasons that Unique Excellence has been successful in delivering Supply Chain (and Operational) Innovation, and it all started when the founder, working for some of the most innovative global multinationals and consulting organisations, saw firsthand how innovation was initiated, but never successfully executed. 

There were either personality/ behavioural/ skills constraints, ego’s, or the relevant planned innovation didn’t deliver the various individual organisational goals. By only delivering value to a single supply chain partner, he found that innovations were often not progressing beyond the "idea stage" or "the proof-of-concept stage". Additionally, he found that many managers love to ”discuss ideas”, talk about innovation, etc, but when financials or resource requirements are discussed, often are not willing to take the next steps as they have a fear of failing, or are looking for detailed "business cases" which should "guarantee" outcomes.  

After leading multiple business transformations and Global Business Services (Shared Services and/ or Business Process Outsourcing) engagements, he decided to establish Unique Excellence with the aim to; deliver TRUE Supply Chain and Operational Innovation, by;

  • Creating industry collaborations between organisations, technology providers and industry associations, with a focus to deliver innovative benefits for all supply chain partners (from originator to consumer),

  • Taking a customer-centric delivery approach, aimed to deliver financial and operational value to all partners

  • Introducing an iterative solution development, starting with behavioural, process and organisational change,

  • Introducing fit-for-purpose technology to deliver enhanced innovative value to complement the previous point,

By taking a holistic, cross-organisational, instead of a single organisational approach, Unique Excellence’s team of data scientists and supply chain experts is far more effective in collaborating with leading supply chain organisations to deliver innovations, than the traditional consulting and internal innovation departments. Also, we "leave our ego at the door", as we believe that by taking everyone's views, ideas and input the output is often far more valuable and has a higher impact than was envisaged at the start of the innovation journey...

We, therefor, often work under someone else’s brand, project team or organisational unit to deliver Supply Chain Innovation, as we are looking for the results, we are not focused on the "how", but purely on the "why". As long as we can collaborate with the industry leaders in delivering REAL Supply Chain Innovations, supporting effective innovation relationships between our partners and their customers, we believe we're successful.

Only through adopting this collaborative, non-intrusive and result-driven innovation model, we have been able to break through the traditional supply chain innovation model and deliver the RIGHT innovations across our customers!

Are you looking to partner with your supply chain partners to deliver REAL innovative solutions? Or are you interested in joining our team? 

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