• Micha Veen

How can you build the supply chain of the future?

In the last weeks, the number of Supply Chain Innovation Leader positions have been popping up across numerous jobsites. All looking to recruit a combination of supply chain and data analytics skills, to identify, translate and execute decision-driven data analytics insights.

Additionally, these roles are tasked with building complementary supply chain solutions to unlock incremental capacity at low capital expenditure, enhance speed to market, and drive down fulfilment costs. The ability to design long-term strategies and capabilities to facilitate game-changing innovation, reduce capacity constraints across the core-network, unlock incremental financial supply chain profitability, and drive executive-level operational and supply chain initiatives, is a given to meet today's continuous operational and supply chain challenges.

However, to build a supply chain of the future these Supply Chain Innovation specialists often require to use their data analytics and supply chain skills to introduce:

  • Innovations that positions the customer’s first,

  • Simplicity, predictability, and economic efficiency to an organisation's multifaceted supply chain than more than often spans the globe,

  • Capabilities and business models that support the organisation's needs for cost-effective, scalable solutions including inventory/ storage/ warehousing, distribution, and customer fulfilment,

  • Sustainable and ethical supply chain practices that go beyond the organisation's walls, often three levels down in the supply chain,

  • Supply chain diversity through creating a supplier network that is local, regional and global in nature, allowing continuous supply when natural disasters and/ or pandemics occur,

  • Full supply chain transparency and visibility to further strengthen the end-to-end (financial) supply chain model,

  • Collaboration across the supply chain network to create value for "all parties",

  • A combination of best-of-breed technology solutions that add substantial value to the organisation's operational and financial goals and targets.

Building a supply chain of the future is challenging and is different for every organisation, however, we have experienced the importance of "collaboration across the supply chain network", incl. farmers, manufacturing, logistics, technology partners and ourselves has often delivered game-changing innovative solutions, which had a direct impact on the overall financial profitability, operational effectiveness, customer relationships of all these individual organisations, while having a positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) result.

Are you looking to unleash your organisation's operational and supply chain model to deliver optimum business value, while impacting your ESG elements? Contact us for an initial meet & greet to discuss how we are able to assist your organisation in this exciting journey...

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