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What Supply Chain Technologies are able to deliver real impact...

Various research papers highlight that technology adoption is a key characteristic of innovative, high performing companies.

But working with some of our clients, we strongly believe that not every new technology trend is worth chasing. This has been further confirmed by a recent survey (2018), which found that some of the most buzzed-about technologies, such as BlockChain, driverless trucks and drones, were ranked the lowest by respondents for delivering value in the next five years.

The findings instead placed mobile devices, control tower visibility and warehouse automation among the most valuable tools.


  1. Review your existing technologies to assess if their optimally used across your supply chain, before reviewing new technologies,

  2. Review your end-to-end processes for harmonisation opportunities, supporting further stream-lined Supply Chain processes,

  3. Measure your cost model, cycle times and other core Supply Chain KPI's to assess your baseline, allowing you to measure progress,

  4. Introduce customer and product profitability models to allow your organisation to target on your strategic customers, your financially-viable customer (make a profit), etc,

  5. Collaborate across your non-Supply Chain environment to review what data, information is available that can be used,

  6. Collaborate with your Supply Chain partners, upstream and downstream to increase the effectiveness across your end-to-end supply eco-system.

These are just some of the activities that we under-take when engaging with our clients to assess their supply chain models and review low-cost, high-impact Supply Chain Initiatives...

Are you looking how you can re-use and extend your current operational, process and technology solutions across your Supply Chain to make an innovative impact, please don't hesitate to contact us...

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