Decision-Driven Data Analytics

The goal of data analytics is to turn unknowns into knowns, so that alternative courses of action can be ranked more objectively.

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"We assist in finding data for a purpose, rather than finding a purpose for the data"

Our ESG Control Tower

Our overall purpose is to unlock value with our clients. Numerous reserach has confirmed that ESG initiatives do unlock competitive value. This is why Unique Excellence actively partners with a leading team of digital entrepreneurs to introduce a pragmatic, comprehensive and fit-for-purpose ESG Control Tower which;

  • Incorporates a database of model-driven predictive ESG indexes

  • Introduces API's to extract data from our client's systems and technologies, removing any data entry or rework effort

  • Uses industry and analyst-driven, deep-dive ESG assessments with a continuous optimised ESG methodology to meet our client's evolving ambitions

  • Identifies and quantifies the various ESG risk, allowing our clients to:

    • Introduce actions and mitigating actions​

    • Track and trace their ESG actions to remediate and/ or eliminate risks

  • Takes an iterative and pragmatic approach to guide our clients in their ESG journey.....​

Our ESG Control Tower Prototype

"It's not an investment if it's destroying the planet"

Our Data Analytics and Visualisation service focusses on ensuring that analytics initiatives are tied to action, are focussed on answering questions that matter, and challenge rather than bolster current Supply Chain and Operational practices, supporting the various Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) initiatives


Unique Excellence uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a guidance to deliver its Fit-for-Purpose, Innovative Solutions

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Unique Excellence is known to implement Supply Chain Environmental Social Governance (ESG) components (depending on the operational and supply chain maturity of our clients). This philosophy prioritises socially acceptable, ethical, and, of course, environmentally friendly supply chain activities.

We are not just committed to use the latest Data Analytics Solutions to provide our clients with deeper operational and supply chain intelligence, ensuring our client's supply chains are more efficient, effective and financially empowering, but also believe that introducing a more sustainable supply chain model, will have a long-term financial (and profitability) impact.